Nov 15, 2013

In the Sun and Around the House.

Well, how good are things UV wise in Sydney at the moment? 

Very comfortable silver flats from Paul Green obtained from a spendy nonna shoe store whose name escapes me.

It's been consecutive days now that I've felt the sun on my arms and legs.  

Dress - Target, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium.

Colour looks so much better on sunny days and I've finally been able to wear the whites, blues and fuchsias in my wardrobe.

But we did have some fun with the wet weather.  My aunty and uncle from Malaysia are staying with us at the moment and they're totally spoiling us.  My uncle has a durian farm back home and loves the outdoors and its challenges.  Needless to say, he has found lots to amuse himself with in the wilds of our garden.  He is also about the only house guest we have had who has taken a shine to the contents of the garage.  We are currently accommodating my brother's vintage jeep and my uncle is seriously considering shipping it back home to the farm.  Whenever the durian crops are good, my uncle collects the excess fruit and drives them to local charities so that they can give them to their clients.  The jeep is just what he needs for this important task.

In the meantime, he's put the jeep to good use as a temporary washing line.  Not seen in the photo are the mop and broom he suspended from the garage beams which have given us some extra clothes drying space.  

Loving the fact that we have Subway at work.  I've made my desk lunch even healthier with the addition of some Tim Tams an apple.

Work's been a bit hectic so I'm even more thankful than last Friday that it's Friday again.  I suspect this is a pattern that's going to escalate as the weeks fly by, it's a meeting heavy time of the year.  It's also less than 6 weeks until Christmas.  The fact that ties the two together is that I'm on again for work Christmas gifts.  Wholesale online shopping, here I come!  

SSG Manor is getting a bit of a nip and tuck and my very capable Chief Engineer is onto it.  I like how he can stand over a box from Ikea and give the impression that whatever is within the box will be a snap to assemble (with his supervision).  Turned out he was right.  I bought some new table lamps for the lounge and bedroom and they're all looking fine and dandy with their energy saver light bulbs.  Pics later.

And then there was the responsibility of choosing fabric for the new vertical blinds.  With an expert flick through the sample fabrics, he narrowed down my options to a few swatches and then toddled off in search more adult world things to play with. In a room full of brightly coloured, drool proof toys and books.  I've only just reset the television to stop playing teletext after he somehow managed to press the six buttons required to activate it in the correct sequence.

Yes, it's definitely time for the weekend again.

Take care and have a good one!


  1. Hehe you jinxed us with this awful rainy weather today

  2. Love the photo of the gorgeous Baby SSG helping choose the blind fabric. I still struggle with odd TV settings courtesy of Farmgirl playing with the remote. The good thing is Farmboy is now savvy enough to fix it - he can also sort out any IT dramas I have better than I can!

    Hope you are well and life is going ok. Am sorry I missed you in Perth - has been crazy here with all sorts of stuff.



  3. That little Chief Engineer of yours takes his tasks very seriously I can see from his pursed lips pondering over the matter. So cute. I miss durians. the ones here are disgusting, nothing like those that come off a Malaysian farm. Sigh.

  4. Ok I have to say I love those shoes...I am weak when it comes to flats with toe detail.
    SSG baby is really growing up fast!


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