Nov 18, 2013

Lucky Bamboo. Christmas Drinks.

Greetings, from my desk to yours.  

Being a Monday, I'm sending bonus good fortune, fortitude and resilience courtesy of this lucky bamboo that found its way to my desk.  Technically, lucky bamboos aren't actually bamboo and apparently the complicated shapes that some of the plants are trained to grown into are achieved by rotating the stems to get light from different directions.

$10 lucky bamboo from Coles.  For maximum good luck, the bamboos are meant to be received as a gift.  For the record then, I'm calling this a self gifted lucky bamboo.

Care wise, fluoride and chlorine are the lucky bamboo's enemy.  So if you water with tap water, you should let the water sit overnight to allow the electrolytes to evaporate off the water.  I'm eyeing the water in the Expressi machine right now, actually.  It'll be perfect for the job.  Will keep you posted on my bamboo's progress.

Any excuse for a bit of comfort eating....

May I humour you about how much fun it is to be having this second winter in Sydney right now?  Clomping around in ugg boots and track pants to the pool, toting soaking wet umbrellas around with you at the shops, watching to the driving rain on your windscreen and ... eating bacon and egg rolls in the company of Ron Burgundy. You've got to find your laughs where you can when it's so bleak outside.  Ron was posing in the current issue of WHO magazine, in the sexiest people in comedy feature.  Ketut was also in the line up and his interview was hilarious in a warm and gentle kind of way.

Besides the comfort eating benefits of the wet weather, it has been nice to take things a bit more slowly.  Everyone's been driving at a sedate pace to compensate for the flash flooding that's engulfed the roads.  The pace at the supermarket has been more a gentle stroll than the usual mad dash.  I wasn't the only person who even had time to put their coffee down whilst persuing the contents of the frozen food area.

There was even time to sit around after getting my groceries.  Mainly because I was waiting for the rain to pause but still, it was nice to take a few moments out of the never ending cavalcade of 'adventures' that are your weekend when you're mother to a 10 month old.

Speaking of adventures, I've started my Christmas shopping.  How disturbing is it that I don't even know the street value of champagne anymore?  I was so convinced that I'd practically paid half price for SSG Manor's bubbles of choice but apparently the $50 per bottle mark is the actual going rate these days for both Moet and Veuve at Dan Murphy's.  So it wasn't the incredible bargain I thought I had.  Which might have explained why the champagne section at Costco was the quietest corner of the warehouse on Sunday.  On the up side though, at least I don't have to battle the Christmas / New Year rush later on.

How are your Christmas preparations going?  Will you be having champagne with breakfast, lunch and dinner?


  1. I was gifted a lucky bamboo by my best friend when I bought my apartment. I'm not one for keeping plants alive even though I tried my best, but she only lasted about 5 months :(

    1. 5 months is good! It's still early days here....

      SSG xxx

  2. Oh dear Ron... lol I think my grandma's bamboo lasted a few years and they kept carking one by one. LOL

  3. I've done nothing for Christmas apart from taking Ava to get her photos done with Santa. Am spending it overseas, so not hosting this year like I normally do - am sad that I'll be missing out on all the fuss & that we'll be away from my family for A's first Christmas... but alas, her other grandparents are entitled to see her too.


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