Nov 8, 2013

The Beach. Aldi Coffee Pods.

It might have been my day off yesterday but I went out and did the hard yards for everyone at a little office other people call the beach.  I am happy to report that the weather was perfect, the skies glorious and the water extremely refreshing.   You'd best get yourselves there this weekend.

My Victoria's Secret two piece from a couple of years back are still going strong.  I'm wearing them under a dress from Cotton On.

I love this time of the year.  Summer is so close and the weather's just hitting the thirties (as opposed to the draining forties).  Daylight saving is finally paying dividends as we wake up with the sun (not before it) and still have the chance to enjoy the light at dinner time.  Aside from all of this, it's also finally officially okay to be wearing bathers all day.  Even if you're kilometres away from the coast.  Suddenly, you're not in your kitchen emptying the dishwasher but rather in a beachside cottage somewhere... emptying the dishwasher. 

The only problem with weekday beach trips is that sometimes your GPS decides it needs to go on holiday as well.  I was meant to drive to Manly to meet a friend but somehow ended up crossing the Harbour Bridge twice at the request of my GPS before finally heading on a rather circuitous drive in the right direction.  Interestingly, the drive home was much more direct and the bridge was not involved.

Shelly Beach was lovely.  It's one of the quieter beaches in Manly and seems to be a little secret the locals keep to themselves.  Except that I've now gone and blogged about it.  Can you keep the secret as well?

I've only ever been to The Corso and the busier beaches of Manly and found the whole experience traumatic because of the crowds and noise.  Because Shelly Beach is tucked down the end of a winding road, it is spared the chaos and really feels like a beach retreat.  

While it may be secluded, the beach features its own kiosk and restaurant.  As the children played in the sand, my friend and I kicked back, bare foot with our coffees.

Yesterday was Baby SSG's first ever trip to the beach.  Clad in his special swimming nappy (pull ons are even more of a struggle to get on than traditional disposables, don't let anyone convince you otherwise), his new bathers, hat and a spritz of sunscreen he approached the water with calm but curious eyes.  He was happy to stand in the water and feel the waves tickle his toes but got a little frightened when we tried to sit in the sand.  Things went so well, I'm going to try the local pool with him next week.

After the beach, I went to Aldi to put that Melbourne Cup windfall to good use.  These single origin pods are $2.99 per box of 8.  They work out to be 37 cents per cup which is the same as the standard lines.  I've tried the Kenya blend already and it definitely tastes better than the regular pods. 

And that's not all that's new with Expressi.  I found these flavoured latte pods as well.  From memory, they're $2.99 per box of 8 as well.  

At the rate I'm going, I don't think I'll need to buy a coffee from the work coffee cart for quite some time.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget to wear your bathers and hit that beach!


  1. A spending the day at the beach mid-week sounds lovely! Wish I could do that, such a nice way to relax :) Glad baby enjoyed his first beach experience!

  2. I've been away too long! You've had a bloggy make over and those baby feet look big, chubby, strong and somewhat walky!!! Woot!
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit


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