Dec 30, 2013

Christmas, Please Don't Go.

Christmas, I miss you already.  Please don't go just yet.

I love finding front doors in the neighbourhood still proudly wearing their wreaths. 

Toddler SSG is still collecting goodies at every shop and cafe we visit.

It's all from Ikea.  Except the candle holders that you can't see too clearly.  They're slightly fancy Georg Jensen.

And Christmas decorations, I'll miss you the most.  Every year it's a different theme for us but every year it's a chance to deck the house out with bursts of colour, to hang things off hooks on the door and also to dress the table for a candle lit meal.  It's a tradition of mine to get my inspiration from Ikea's range each year and add bits and pieces from what I already have at home.

Toddler SSG's old baby bath doubling as a drinks trolly this year.

Food wise, Christmas was special for all the foods I could eat this year.  My pregnant self could only look on wistfully last year at the plates of ham, oysters and soft cheeses.

Accompanied by a glass or two of mid morning champagne, of course.  Seriously, how much less of a stress is it to get Christmas lunch ready when you're sipping champagne as you work?

It might not be fancy, but these are my food moments of Christmas 2013.

Camembert and Roquefort with quince paste on our cheese board.

Smoked salmon and dill flavoured cream cheese roll ups.

Not Quite Nigella's Cheese Puff Bread that saved Christmas dinner.  So easy to make and very taste.  The tapioca flour is an unexpected ingredient but did the trick in making this bread chewy.

Dessert was tiramisu featuring five shots of espresso sweetened with six teaspoons of sugar.

As well as generous slugs of Kahlua in the cream mixture and in the sponge finger dunking liquid.

It's always a nervous moment wondering whether you've enough of the sponge fingers, cream and coffee mixture to fill your dish.  But I did.  Huge sigh of relief.

I broke with tradition and used grated dark chocolate instead of Flake for the topping.  It was a wise move.

When I finally roused from my food coma, there were four more days of the Christmas break to relax through.  Which we spent mostly at the pool, at the park and yes, eating some more.

How was your Christmas break?  Are you at work today with the Christmas lights switched on, just because?


  1. Replies
    1. It was good - for lunch, dinner, afternoon tea and breakfast!!

      SSG xxx

  2. Looks like a lovely way to spend Christmas! Will be sad to pack all of the decorations away in a couple of days, but new year, got to make room for new and exciting things! :)

  3. I bet it looks great, but I can't even GLANCE at food right now:)

  4. I'll need that smoked salmon cheese roll up recipe please.
    And the tiramisu.. oh i love that champagne tub!! <3


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