Dec 17, 2013

'Real Lives'. InStyle's Orange Pencil Skirt.

I hope Gwyneth's suitably impressed by how I've not defiled her latest InStyle cover by styling it with anything so common as a cup of takeaway coffee or a glass of bubbles.  Which is how I read magazines in real life.  

It's been an interesting time in the domain of celebrity lifestyles with no one being quite what they seem.  I know that this is nothing new but they've been all sorts of sensational revelations about the 'real lives' of Nigella Lawson and Gwyneth Paltrow that are so contradictory to the persona they (and their managers) present to the public.  Objectively, their 'real lives' are no one else's business but their own.  To varying degrees, we're all guilty of a disconnect between how the world sees us and what may be going on in the deeper waters beneath tranquil surface.

Should this matter?  Is it wrong?  I think not.  Sometimes, a little life compartmentalization is the best way to deal with the things in life that are beyond your control or a source of great pain and frustration.  Leaving behind parts of your life when the camera and lights come on (or for you and I, when we hit the daily commute to work or that line at the shops) can be a liberating escape.  To  keep on doing what nourishes and strengthens you through the difficult times is incredibly healing. To not even have that option would be incredibly bleak indeed. 

Oh, that was a bit bleak.  But positive at the same time, I hope?  Don't always get the chance to write mindfully on the blog at the moment.

Skirt - ASOS, T - Emerson (Big W), bangle - Mai Tai Collection, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium

Getting back to the Gwyneth InStyle.  I have to admit I wasn't very hopeful of finding anything in my price range or remotely wearable despite the promises on the cover.  However, I was happily proven wrong because look at what I found featured in a budget friendly feature?  The perfect orange pencil skirt for summer.  What's more it was from ASOS.  I shut the magazine and went online faster than you could say 'super fast free shipping to Australia' (it really does take that long when you're trying to wrestle the iPad free from your toddler).

I managed to get the skirt for $47 and it arrived yesterday.  I only ordered it early on Friday morning.

Skirts as soft furnishings and peace lilies in the bedroom.  I am sure Gwyneth would approve.

Not only is it great to wear, it doubles as a summer throw for your bedroom furniture.

As an aside, returns are also super easy with ASOS these days.  They have an Australian return address which makes posting less tedious.

I'm not the only person feeling the Santa's Grotto theme for the office.  One of my workmates brought us in these adorable home made meringue trees.  They're so much nicer than the store bought version.


  1. That pencil skirt is so lovely! I must confess to immediately stopping reading magazines to try and track pieces down sometimes too. Funny, they usually end up being well worn. Maybe I should take more advise from magazines when contemplating shopping, and less from just browsing the sale section, haha!

    1. I agree about the magazine inspired purchases, Mica!

      SSG xxx

  2. Your skirt looks great. Last summer I bought all my teenage sons clothes from ASOS. It was perfect for a son who hates to shop and everything arrived super fast. X

    1. ASOS is great with fast shipping and their range for guys is pretty cool too.

      SSG xxx

  3. Love that skirt and the homemade Christmas meringue. I'm a fan of Nigella and Gwyneth. My opinion of them won't change with the reveal of the court outcome of the Vanity Fair article. Hope you have a fabulous Christmas x

  4. Love the skirt.

    Hope you have a fabulous Christmas SSG.



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