Dec 13, 2013

The Novelty of Dry Clean Only. Sequins Are Key.

It's about time for another weekend, isn't it? It's been another busy week for me but busy in a good way. Things getting done, progress being made. And all the while, being pushed along by glimpses of a stunning blue sky through the windows of my office and the feeling of the sun on my arms as I drive to and from work. I can't complain, really, there's a working holiday kind of vibe at the moment as the countdown to the festive season break gets down to the critical time of less than two weeks to go... Sydney is more spectacular than usual at this time of the year.

I've been busy with all sorts of things at work.  Something a little different from usual has been the opportunity to take part in marking exams for the university with which we are affiliated.  It's been a humbling experience reading students' perspectives of our profession and the way they've responded to the teaching and feedback we've given them.  As I read about the situations and words that have given them the most encouragement and the experiences from which they've learned the most, I felt both a little jaded that my reactions are now less emotive than theirs but also touched that even the seemingly trivial things we say and do with the students can mean so much to them.  And then I had to send my comments back to the university - hand written, sort of legible and without the benefit of spell check.....  It took ages writing everything out.  

In other workplace issues, I've just dropped off my first load of dry cleaning since returning to work.  After a year or so of wash and wear, ruching and elasticated waist bands, the novelty of wearing 'dry clean only' still hasn't worn off for me.

I can now officially use Faux Fuchsia's hashtag #sequinsarekey with the arrival this week of my Project D Orion dress from Ozsale.  It fits perfectly.  The neck's not too low nor the hemline too high.  It's for a wedding early in the new year and will pack like a dream.  Sequins are not only key, they are also crease free.

Crabtree and Evelyn is one of those stores I always shop for Christmas gifts.  The beautiful packaging, the thoughtful gift suggestions, it's all too easy.

In true SSG fashion, there was something in amongst all the gift shopping for myself.  That something is this box of Summer Hill scented drawer liners ($35 for six, half a piece fits neatly into a smallish drawer).

One of my resolutions for the new year is to keep a tidier, less cluttered house.  Well, the parts of the house which Toddler SSG doesn't frequent, that is.  So the bedroom is going to be an oasis of calm, light and clutter free surfaces.  Lining the drawers of the bedside tables is a bid to make me more inclined to open said drawers and put things in them rather than to drape things across the bed or chair.  

So far so good.  The drawers are lined, there's the subtle scent of summer in the room and I can't stop opening the drawers.  Are you a drawer liner?  Are you a special drawer liner buyer or are you more frugal and use recycled newspapers and fliers instead?

My Christmas donation this week was to Kids Helpline.  The link to donate if you're interested is here.

Have a lovely weekend.


  1. The sequined dress looks divine, can't wait to see a photo of you in it!

  2. That sequin dress will be amazing for a wedding! :)

    How slow are ozsale with the shipping though? I'm still waiting on an order I placed with them back in October. It was supposed to be a Christmas gift....going to have to buy a last minute replacement I think!


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