Jan 7, 2014

A Wink and A Smile.

As much as I love the food and drink frenzy that is this time of the year, sometimes a time out is in order.  I think I've reached that point of gustatory overload.  I've actually been enjoying having 'days off' from rich food and fancy champagne.  The crunch of salad leaves under my fork, the trickle of milk over my weetbix, things I never thought I'd miss as much as I have.

But I digress.  Over the last few weeks, I've been consciously trying to seek enjoyment from things that have involved all my other senses besides taste.

Scentsy Tillia warmer - $43 AUD.

I received a Scentsy warmer for Christmas and using it has been an indulgence that hasn't revolved around food.  Scentsy is an American brand of wickless candle.  The concept is similar to the oil burners that were powered by tea lights that I first used years ago.  The Scentsy model differs in that the warmer is powered by electricity and the heat is provided by a light bulb rather than a candle.  The melted wax is reusable and is really easy to remove from the warmer dish when the wax is still in liquid form.

There's a huge range of scents available.  Everything from food to love has been a source of inspiration.  I'm hoping to try bars from the spa and tropical ranges next.  To help create that staycation feel in the office.  Scentsy fragrances are full bodied and don't have that cloying sweetness that sometimes over powers other products.  They linger gently in the room and there's no horrible 'dry down' as the fragrance evaporates.

Scentsy fragrance bars - $7 AUD each.

Seasonal fragrances such as Christmas Cottage which has notes of orange, cloves, raspberry and spices are lovely to have as a 'scent scape' over the festive season.

My current favourite is A Wink and A Smile.  The name alone does it for me.

Other products in the Scentsy range include body lotions, scented stuffed toys and laundry fragrance.

Scentsy is currently available online or from Scentsy consultants.  In Australia, Rebecca can be contaced through her Scentsy web page   If you were interested in joining the Scentsy team, you can also contact Christine for details via her page.

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  1. I've heard lots about Scentsy! :)

    I'm a little off of wax burners at the moment though - I had one going when we had a power cut a while back, so I stupidly tried to pick it up to use the tealight it contained for some light to get to the cupboard with the candles in it.....haha. You can imagine, the burner had been going a few hours so the wax kinda went everywhere. I think I may be just too clumsy for them! ;)


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