Jan 14, 2014

Keep A Child Alive With Kiehl's. A Stand Against Hot Cross Buns In January.

It's only Tuesday but seriously, I feel as if I've already done a week's worth of work and personal admin already.

SFAM jeans, Sambag flats, retro tiled workplace floor.

Which is my excuse for wearing (very dark blue) denim to work today.  In the right light and from just the right distance, I swear they could pass for navy chinos.  That's my 'jeans to work' free pass used for this week.  What am I going to wear tomorrow?

I had to get Toddler SSG to his 12 month needles this morning before work and there's no way high intensity activity like that could have been done in anything but flat shoes and jeans.  My poor little chicken wing has graduated to having his arms rather than legs injected (possibly to save the nurses from a morning of toddler kicks) which required myself and three nurses to brace various body parts so that the needles went in on the first pass.  He was very brave though and fingers crossed he'll be okay to fly on Thursday.

We're off to my little brother's wedding in the country.  Needless to say, there's a 3 page packing list and I'm planning for all wardrobe eventualities... by bringing no less than two pairs of nude heels.

These Nuby flip top straw sippies are around $9 from Target.  

Similarly, I have no less than two back up sippy cups for Toddler SSG.  When you find the cup, you stock up.  One store running out is a bit of a stress but when manufacturers decide to redesign the one that works for your toddler, you're in serious strife.  

The sight of a Kiehl's parcel on your doorstep never fails to be a ray of sunshine cutting through the frenzy of a hectic morning.  That was quite a mixed metaphor there.  Perhaps I don't need that Coke Zero in the office fridge quite as much as I thought I did.  Onwards.

This month, Kiehl's Australia are releasing Alicia Keys' limited edition Midnight Recovery Complex ($59 for 30 ml, available online and in store) which features a 'Keep A Child Alive' charm.  Sales of the product in Australia will see funds raised for the Australian Federation of AIDS Organizations.

The weekend seems so long ago.  What did I get up to?

I started Saturday with a stand against the supermarkets already selling hot cross buns.  As much as I wanted hot cross buns for breakfast, I stood firm and instead hunted around in the pantry where I found a left over panettone from Christmas.

And found that it makes wonderful fruit toast.

You're probably not meant to butter it once its toasted but melted butter soaking through toasted food is a weekend breakfast standard, isn't it?

Then it was off to the first birthday of one of our Mothers Group buddies.

We had morning tea at a beautiful park which boasted river views to one side and a pretty impressive paddling pool and climbing frame on the other.  The paddling pool was a huge hit with the party but I think by next year, the jungle gym could be giving it a run for its money.

Sunday was spent organizing myself for the wedding.

You know how a David Jones sale never, ever lets me down?  I found this silk shift at the Bianca Spender concession in that institute of wardrobe improvement that is the Ladies Designer floor.  It worked out to be a superior buy - at 50% off and then a further 15% off at the register.

Oh, I did get the Rimmel Scandaleyes in Nude after all.

Rimmel Scandaleyes swatches - Taupe (above), Nude (below).
On me, Nude isn't the frosty beige orange nightmare it could've been.  It's got reasonable lasting power on the lower lash line.

Well, that's a pretty long post.  I'm not sure if I'll be back before the weekend away.  If not, have a lovely rest of the week and catch up with you soon.


  1. Love that dress! Hope you have lots of fun at your brother's wedding, have a safe trip!

  2. Gotta love Kiehl :)
    Have a great day from Oslo :)

  3. Aww poor little baby. Needles are never fun.

    Great find with the dress! It's stunning on you

  4. That silk shift is a superior plus gorgeous find, love the colour and the cut!
    I'm still confused about the Nude eyeliner, does that mean you tightline the inner lash line with it?

  5. Dear SSG, first time reader & loved it. Just to let you know that park is near my home & my kids 12 & 10 still love it. Sorry if you live here & know about park near ferry but my kids love nothing better than playing there or skimming rocks on water's edge. To the east of where you were for party is the world's longest slide & kids love it. There's also a newly built playground there as well as the oldest punt in sydney. It's great to take your little one on that & it's free & you then double number of parks easily accessible. Den xxx

    1. Thanks for the hot tip and for stopping by, Den!

      SSG xxx


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