Jan 24, 2014

Hit By A Truck. Those Trusty Flynts.

I really was planning to blog about breaking world news today.  I mean, so much has gone on with the world since last we met.  Matt (Damon) and Tony (Abbott) are at the World Economic Forum at that little ski resort in Davos.  Matt is there to be formally recognized for his work with water.org , and Tony delivered a key note speech that declared amongst other bullet points, that Australia is 'open for business' and that global economies don't need 'more governance' but instead they need 'better governance'  There's something in that for all of us.

And Justin Bieber.  Poor, Justin.  Even the BBC news website has posted a report about his being arrested for drug drag racing in Miami.  It seemed like only yesterday that Bieber Fever first hit Sydney and adult women like myself were watching the news bemused at our city centre being shut down in a wave of teenage hysteria.

My plans for a hard hitting post went out the window becuase I was literally hit by a truck today.  Literally.  I was cruising along in 'Friday before a long weekend traffic' when an interstate delivery truck took out my driver's side rearview mirror.  Fortunately no one was hurt but these things really shake you up.  Neither of us could stop safely and I doubt the truck driver felt a thing.  Reports have been made, phone calls made and all that remains is to see if duct tape can hold things together until I can get it all fixed.  

So that's my excuse for the rest of this post being frothy.  Hope your Friday has been less traumatic than mine.

I'm all set for the Australia Day long weekend.  I started on the lamingtons yesterday.

But said no to the patriotic onesies at Big W.

The scales may lie  but these SFAMs of mine never do.

You know how I'm a long time reader of the Mail Online?  Well, I really enjoyed this article about how many women have a 'skinny' item of clothing that they rely on  more than scales or tape measures to keep themselves on the straight and narrow.  I know it's hardly news but I loved reading the stories behind how each woman came to find the item of skinny clothing they use as their yardstick.

For me, it's this pair of Seven For All Mankind jeans.  They're the Flynt cut and I bought them at the start of my online shopping obsession back in 2005.  I had tried them on in Perth and baulked at the price.  Then I found them online and on sale on a US website.  The size that fit me was also a couple of sizes smaller than my usual.  Extreme vanity sizing at a bargain price, the Flynts have served me well.  I can actually fit into and do them up now, not to mention walk around in them in public.

Do you have a skinny yardstick item of clothing?

Toddler SSG has a couple of new additions to his library.  They are probably the most beautiful board books I've ever bought for him.  I found them after doing a google search for indestructible board books.  Can't find the link for you today but here are the titles:
- Alphablock by Christopher Franceschelli ($23.02)
- opposites by Xavier Deneux ($15.51), part of a series that I'm thinking I'll just have to collect for Toddler SSG.
Both were from Book Depositary.

This is a photo from 'opposites'.

The cut outs of the pairs each pair of pages 'fit' into each other to illustrate the accompanying written concept.

'Alphablock' features cut out shapes of letters and the illustrations on the related pages tie up with theme of the word accompanying each letter.

I'm not game enough to leave Toddler SSG alone with either book just yet. We'll be reading them together for just a little while longer, I think.  I've already duct taped several other books in the library and my book surgery clinic is closed for the summer.

Speaking of Toddler SSG, he's discovered risotto.  That block of parmesan from the other day is really being put to good use in our kitchen.  I used this recipe from Best Recipes.  It's very easy and quite forgiving in terms of measures for ingredients.  I'm just going to have to accept the fact that everything toddler recipe I cook manages to turn out a shade of orange / yellow...

Have a lovely long weekend and stay safe!


  1. Oh dear, hope you aren't too shaken after your minor bingle xx. My kids lived on risotto as babies, tasty and veggie packed. My yardstick is a pair of Nobody jeans, I can do them up....but with a bit of a muffin top!!

  2. Ssg! Big huggles. We won't judge you for a frothy post. Toddler ssg news always delights.

  3. Oh sorry to hear about the accident! Hopefully insurance will take care of it all and get it fixed for you!

  4. Oh that sounds terrifying! So happy to hear that your mirror was the only victim.

    Don't even get me started on that Abbott speech...my head was just shaking from the embarrassment.
    That opposites book is adorable. Let's hope they really are indestructible!

    Michaela // Where is my mind?

  5. Glad you're ok after getting intimate with the truck. Relatable article on clothing fit. Definitely applies to me. Those picture books are gorgeous.


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