Jan 6, 2014

Selifes in Surry Hills. Dr Oetker Pizza.

There's nothing like a moving taxi selfie to start an evening out on the right note.

It's hard  not to feel foot loose and fancy free when you don't have to worry about finding either a car space or your destination in Surry Hills.  The even happier consequence of this is that not having to drive yourself home gives you a certain .... liberty .... when it comes to just how much you can help your fellow hens night guests with the supply of champagne chilling in the fridge.

Dress - Camilla, bag - Louis Vuitton, statement lip - Models Prefer ultra lip gloss pencil.

Surry Hills is a part of Sydney I always associate with dressing up and stepping out.  It's where people much younger and cooler than me would visit most weekends while I'm lucky to be in the neighbourhood much more than annually.  There's new restaurant and bar openings here on an almost weekly basis which adds to its allure.  

The party commenced at an apartment just off Crown Street and it was only a short walk to where our table for dinner was booked.

The Winery is many things, including a whole lot of fun.  A few drinks, a sit down dinner, the start of a big night out - it's hard not feel at home in the beer garden or inside under the ferns and eclectic collection of sculpture and art.

And drink we did...

We had a pre ordered menu organized and this worked really well.  There was something for everyone and I have to say that french fries are just the thing when you've pushed your limit in the glasses of champagne stakes.

Cowhide easy chairs on the landing of the mains staircase.  Very handy place for them to be for a bit of a sit down as you negotiate the stairs to the bathroom in heels.

Between the animated chatter and the delicious food, I didn't really have time to take too many photos but the ones I did have their very own #drunkinsta label on Instragram.  Well, I thought it was incredibly funny and clever at the time.

Nothing like a neon word on the wall overhead to make you ponder what possessed you to have that last glass of Veuve.

There were heavy heads at SSG Manor the next day.  The kind that required buttered croissants and lots of water for breakfast, a large coffee for morning tea and an invigorating swim before lunch.

By dinner, I'd bounced back.  But not enough to cook anything.  Which is where the Dr Oetker pizza came into its own.  Coincidentally, the hen from Saturday night was the person who put me onto the wonder that is a Dr Oetker frozen pizza. Can you believe that it's a German rather than Italian company that's perfected supermarket pizza?

I'm not a huge fan of frozen pizzas.  I was scarred for life by a childhood of Papa Guiseppe's super supreme pizzas which were topped with red skinned sausages and had a base the texture and taste of cardboard.  But they were a favourite of my brother and were a much loved 'treat' dinner at home.

As you can see, Dr Oetker's take on pizza is considerably more sophisticated.  I was pleasantly surprised at how much spinach came with my pizza.

I added a salad and some chilli flakes and it was a pretty decent dinner.  The crust was just thick enough and not too dry.  The tomato sauce under the spinach actually tasted of tomatoes and herbs.  I have a half pizza left over and it just might be breakfast tomorrow.

Are you a Dr Oetker fan?

Other than that, it's a new week and I know many of you are finally returning to work.  You have my sympathy.  In some ways it's harder to return after two weeks completely off than in my situation where I've been eased back into work because I've been back in between the official public holidays.

But yeah, Mondays back at work, especially in this glorious weather are hard going. I hope you've done something nice for yourself today.  I've opened my back up Maybelline brownish black eyeliner pencil.  Heaven forbid I start the day without some eye definition.

Have a lovely day!


  1. Happy New Year SSG! So much fun reading today's post. I haven't had a big night out like this for a couple of weeks now, and not missing the lack of heavy headed mornings.

  2. I've been familiar with Dr Oetker for many years, not through pizza but through a fab 70's cookbook of my Mum's. It has heaps of great German recipes but it is the pictures that make it. The cover, for example, features a steak, topped with a shiny fried egg and accompanied by a couple of gherkins and some greyish peas. Every photo seems determined to have you never eating again. But despite that it is an absolute reference to the point that it is currently sitting on my coffee table as just yesterday I was typing out a recipe for someone from it!

    Sounds like you had a great night, I loved your Instagram pictures.

  3. Great that you got to let your hair down and have a good time xx
    Happy new year

  4. It all looks AMAZING :) I hope you had a lovely Christmas holiday.

    Check out my new post...Cute Swedish Curtain inspiration :)

    Have a fab day.

    LOVE Maria at inredningsvis - Swedish decor, food, and fashion

  5. Very curious about the pizza now. Mmm YUM and i'm so glad you had a good time. :)
    Lovely LV bag.


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