Jan 3, 2014

The First Friday of 2014. Madame Chic. Sambag Flats.

Can you believe it's the first Friday of 2014 already?  How are you travelling? 

It's been a lovely start to the year for me.  I was working New Year's Day but was done by lunch. 

So I made good on my usual New Year's fitness resolution and had a swim on the way home.

Before making a date with the couch and a belated glass of bubbly.  I'm currently reading Lessons From Madame Chic which is Jennifer Scott's memoir and style guide based on her time in Paris living with the elegant Madame Chic and her equally impeccably presented family.  As a native of the more relaxed Southern California, it was a steep learning curve for Scott as she adjusted to the Chic way of life which is to live every moment of every day with style and refined gusto.  Not so much to impress other people but more as a sign of respect and reverence for oneself, one's family and for the simple joys of daily life which we can take for granted in both the US and Australia.

It's an easy to read and down to earth collection of life lessons and is best enjoyed with a glass of wine at your side.

Necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, dress - Mix Apparel.

Did you survive yesterday?  I know it was nothing compared to what Queensland is still suffering but the heat was so oppressive.  It was just as well it was my day off from work because there was only one kind of thing to wear yesterday and that was something strapless, drapy and cooling.  My maxi dress from Mix was just the thing.

We spent the day at the pool and wherever air conditioning was on offer - the loungeroom, the car, Ikea....  It was sweet relief when the skies darkened and those rain clouds broke.

Ballet flats - Tina by Sambag, cardi - Zara, tank top - Cotton On, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.
I'm not quite sure to make of today.  It's totally unrelated to yesterday - cool winds, no humidity to speak of.  Which is why I'm drifting around in a cardigan over my tank top.  

Oh yes, quick update on my Sambag order from their pre Christmas sale.  It was my only fashion purchase for the season but I invested well.  This was my first purchase from the Sambag range and I'm so glad I've discovered them.  Delivery was free and very prompt.  I like how durable their plain leather flats are.  Soles are either rubberized or leather and neither completely wear off after only one wear (which has happened to some very expensive members of my wardrobe of flats).  They're also made for the wider foot and hold their shape well without the outline of your toes distorting the leather uppers.  The styles I have don't show ridiculous amounts of toe cleavage, the website offers comprehensive fit and style descriptions to help you out.

Flats - Natalie by Sambag, jeans - SAFM.
I've worn the three pairs I bought several times each (I have the Belinda in red, not featured in today's post) and they were all comfortable from the first wear.  Each pair came with a dustbag.  All in all, great value especially at sale prices.

That's all from me today.  I hope you have a lovely weekend.  I'm off to a hen's tomorrow night.  

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  1. Love Jennifer's book and those adorable flats! Did you know Her family own a shoe company London Sole and they make the most beautiful ballet flats.?
    The Red Phoenix necklaces look like great pieces.


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