Feb 7, 2014

Icebergs in the Fridge. Frocktastic Modcloth.

I write to you today as a woman who has learned her lesson about putting off until tomorrow what can be done today and finally defrosted her freezer.  We reached crisis point yesterday morning when the freezer door couldn't actually close on account of all the ice that had formed.  We've had weeks of having to yank various drawers out because of the ice but denial is a wonderful thing.

I don't know why I put it off for so long, to be honest.  It was very cathartic ditching long forgotten and fossilized flat bread remnants.  The plink, plink of melting ice gave the kitchen a kind of winter wonderland soundtrack.  I was pleasantly surprised to see just how much extra freezer space I had, lying beneath some rather impressive ice formations.

The thing is, I now can't stop opening the freezer every time I walk into the kitchen.  Marvelling at the fact that it is now so easy to see what's inside.  I have grand  plans of buying a tub or two of ice cream this weekend to celebrate a job well done.  I have some leave coming up too and the near empty freezer has also inspired me to find some batch cooking recipes to get ready for Toddler SSG's dinners.

The fridge (it got so bad that there were also icebergs in the fridge) is also a wonder to behold.  I've even refilled my divided sauce dish of bicarb and vanilla essence for the fridge.  It's the best way I know of to rid the fridge of strong odours.

Tell me, do you find defrosting your freezer as exciting as I do?  Thought not.

How's your week been?  Aside from the great defrost, it's been another busy one for me.  Work, getting over a cold, getting in a bit of exercise, the fun and games of toddler wrangling.  Yet, you keep going, don't you?  I actually remember feeling more exhausted doing half as much before Toddler SSG came along.

I think this personal training business is paying dividends for me.  I think I'm fitter than I was pre baby.  Also, the challenge of weight training and cardio intervals has seen me yet to get bored at the gym.  I'm just not brave enough to take up my trainer's suggestion of cutting out refined sugar and all processed foods just yet.

My first Modcloth order arrived on my doorstep yesterday. In the midst of the freezer clean out.  Wasn't it nice of the parcel post fairies to sprinkle some magic over SSG Manor in my moment of need? 

You were spared step by step photos of my freezer clean out so instead, let me present all four sides of my Modcloth box.  I haven't had the heart to fold it down for the recycling just yet.

I ordered two dresses to take advantage of both a $10 discount code for signing up and a free international shipping offer that Modcloth currently have going on.  What I like most about Modcloth's range of dresses is their vintage with a twist aesthetic.  High necklines, flared skirts and unique prints - they're both comfortable and stylish enough to wear to work for more than one season.

This is the Be Outside dress in delft blue ($74.99 USD)  from a London based label called Closet.  The cotton is a substantial weight and the dress falls just at the knee on me.

The Wheel Deal dress ($124.99 USD) is by Tatyana, the designer behing the Betty Paige label.  The dress is a fabulous teal colour and the fabric is a polyester, cotton and spandex mix that looks like a heavy silk but is machine washable!!!!  What's not to like about that?  

The dress hits just above the mid calf on me and the cap sleeves are styled in such a way that you can actually move your arms around and do normal things like brush your hair with the dress on.  I know that sounds a bit pedantic but I had an embarrassing moment at DJs one day when I was trying on a cap sleeved shift dress by a very influential and directional Australian designer. The sleeves were cut in such a way that you could only wear the dress with your arms tightly by your side.  Presumably to maintain the artistic integrity of the fabric's elaborate print.  Ever since then, I've had this thing about cap sleeves and the way that they're cut.  And also the realization that perhaps some of us really aren't made for directional designer ready to wear.

I think an obsession with Modcloth has been born.  Skirts and cardigans are next on my items of interest on the site.  I like the review system and the dedication that the  Modcloth community have in being as objective as possible in their reviews.  Reviewers can also upload photos of how they've styled particular items which is always helpful in getting 'realway' styling ideas.

What else....  Oh yes.  I've finished my gazillionth bottle of L'Oreal's cheap as chips Elvive Smooth Intense serum ($11.99) and I'm on to my gazillion plus oneth bottle as of today.  I can't remember if it always had Argan oil in it or if this appeared to keep the serum abreast of hair old trends but it still does wonders for my hair.

Have a lovely weekend and don't forget the Winter Olympics Opening Ceremony should be on some time soon.  Russian politics aside, I'm looking forward to watching the competition in the snow.  Just like with the ice in my freezer, it's always relaxing watching feats of athletic prowess against a backdrop of snow capped mountains.


  1. The dresses are divine! Love them!

  2. I'm very good at procrastinating, so I know how it is. And when I finally get around to do whatever it is I have been putting off, I never understand why I put it off in the first place. No learning from experience in this department! Your dresses are adorable!

  3. Oh - I just did our entire walk-in pantry as we had been away and there had been a mega mouse invasion. I have already gone in and admired it about 7 times. Should get out more really.

    Love the dresses. Particularly the delft print.



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