Feb 17, 2014

Short Weekend. Orlando, Baby!!!!!!!

Okay Monday, bring it on.  I'm ready for whatever it is you're going to throw at me today. 

I got in early and had my pick of the undercover parking spaces.  I then embraced the Monday morning after having had to work the Saturday by tipping my head upside down next to my parked car and giving those tresses a good shake out for maximal root lift.  With good hair, all things are possible on this dreary Monday.

The office chocolate supply has also been blessed by my get up and go this morning.  We have some fancy Italian chocolate coated mini biscuits to go with our morning cuppas today.

How are you bearing up this Monday?  Revved up at the starting line like me, going with the flow or being painfully dragged into the action?  Whatever the case may be, I hope you've at least got your choice of hot beverage by your side.

It might have been a short weekend for me, but it was a good one.  Behold the shade of my first pedicure in .... 2 years.  Opi's At First Sight is one of those forgiving, goes with anything shades that always manages to look impeccable despite how slap dash you may be in painting your nails.  In hindsight, I really shouldn't have splashed that glittery top coat over the top.  I'll have to remember for next time then that I'm getting a bit old for chunky glitter on my toes.

The WDW Swan and Dolphin - my base in Orlando this May.
Guess where I'm off to this May?


Disney World!!!  Or at least a hotel near Disney World in Orlando.  I've just booked my hotel (The Walt Disney World Swan and Dolphin), registered at the conference and am now waiting on flights.  Probably the wrong order to do things but hey, whatever gets me there in the end.

This trip is coming at just the right time for me because I'm in the middle of major holiday withdrawals.  It's been ages since I've been in a plane for a ridiculously long time and suffered at the hands of the timezone changes.  I'm eyeing off the suitcases on the top shelf off the wardrobe and 'fondly' remembering just how sore my legs and brain were after the last time I spent 24 hours continuously flying or in transit.  I've taken to using my holiday toiletry bag at the pool, hanging it up in the change room and fishing out my mini bottles of hotel issue shampoo and conditioner just to get that feeling of living out of a suitcase.

All this talk of a trip Stateside is making me wistful for the fabulousness that was Hawaii in May 2011.

Say hello to my heavily discounted Escada dress from Saks Off Fifth in Hawaii.

This is from way back when we first met in the changeroom at the Waikele Premium Outlets.  It's also where I first met my old faithful Marni shift, pictured in the background.  

Hawaii was just sun kissed magic from the moment I woke up each day until the moment I lazily threw myself into bed each evening.

The gentle hike up Diamond Head and the view from the top.

The food - most notably this red velvet Cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory.

I hope The Cheesecake Factory is in Orlando too.

Sights and tastes aside, how good was the shopping?  Way back when the dollar was doing crazily well against the greenback....

I've got quite a list of things to repurchase on this trip and have actually been pretty self controlled with what I'm buying here in Sydney.

It was even fun buying mundane things like underwear thanks to Gilly Hicks and Victoria's Secret.

My friends and I have done our research and located the outlet malls closet to our hotel.  I have volunteered to bring a tape measure in both cms and inches as well as my wheel around duffel bag so that our shopping marathons will be more efficient.

But perhaps the aspect of the trip I'm most looking forward to is the down time between eating, conferencing and shopping.  I'll be travelling solo and as much as I'll miss the little guy while I'm away, I'm also looking forward to reliving those pre baby times for just a few days.

Just walking down the verandahs of a hotel carrying nothing but sunglasses, a purse and a good read on my Kindle.  No prams, no baby bags, no man handling of an adventurous and curious toddler.

Sitting by a pool with all of the above plus a drink and maybe even falling asleep on a deckchair.

Okay, will stop trying to make you jealous.... until after I return with that pre winter tan!

Talk soon.


  1. Enjoy your solo time. So funny that your alone time is going to be at Disney World, but hey, we take it as we can!

    1. I know, right? Next time. He'll be there with me next time.

      SSG xxx

  2. as someone who is enjoying a work trip to Dubai minus family responsibilities, I say congratulations to you

    1. Now Dubai is another awesome place to be work tripping!! Enjoy!!

      SSG xxx

  3. Yay! Good for you xx
    I like your attitude!

  4. haha I am already feeling jealous of your Orlando trip and you haven't even been on it yet!

    I know you will have a fantastic time! Great way to start the week :)

    Away From Blue


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