Mar 24, 2014

An AM Girl Finally In A DAB+ World.

It was out with the old and in with the sort of new on my bedside table this weekend.

I had to say goodbye to my clock radio.  The one I bought with my first payslip.  While it still tells the time okay, it was making some strange noises, especially on the AM dial.  On top of the usual hisses and snaps were crackles and pops.  A bit like Rice Bubbles, really.  And then there was the spookiness of still being able to hear the radio playing after I thought I'd switched it off.  Radio Rice Bubbles and demonic possession?  The radio really had to go.

You'd think that in the age of smart phones, tablets and ...... Kimye being on the cover of Vogue (couldn't resist yet also can't bring myself to put the actual cover in this post) that finding a digital clock radio would be a breeze.  Well, it wasn't.  There aren't that many digital radios on the market and most of them are clunky and expensive.  There were only two clock radio options at the retailers I browsed and this Bush Horizon version ($77 at Harvey Norman plus $7 for superfast, next day delivery) was my pick because it had the larger, back lit display.  Despite it having all that cutting edge digital technology, it looks a bit seventies styled, doesn't it?

It was so easy to set up, literally plug it in and the time and date are set automatically and digital stations are automatically scanned for. You can set two different alarms for weekends, weekdays or daily.  The only hitch is that if you like that hour of radio before it switches itself off function, you need to manually set the timer on this radio each time you listen.  

The radio also plays FM stations and presets are possible but I only listen to one station at night, ABC News Radio and it has been HEAVEN listening to crystal clear BBC documentaries before I go to sleep each night.

Quite a few things seem to have reached the end of their life cycle at SSG Manor recently.  I had to retire a couple of pairs of Birkenstocks because they were getting too grubby and their soles were showing too much cork.  Mumgo recently had a sale of a few styles and I bought two pairs, one in black patent and the other in a glossy red.

I think that should cover all my wardrobe options.  There was a stage in my life where I had about 5 pairs of Birkis on the go.  I had a pair for practically every occasion.  It was that time in history where drapy, architectural skirts worn with Bonds singlets were all the go so it wasn't as bad as it sounds.

I wonder if I need those toe socks for winter?

Or should I just wear my pink Croc ballet slippers in the cooler weather instead?  I actually wore my Crocs straight from Toddler SSG's swimming lesson out to the shops the other day.  Totally forgot to swap them for the pair of Birkis I had ready in the car.

Dress - Mix Apparel, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.  Gotta love pink with navy and white.

For the sake of completeness, this is the rest of what I wore.  You can't go to Ikea without having a selfie in one of their compact and modern bathroom displays, can you?

I had this fancy open sandwich for lunch.

Whilst Toddler SSG had his first ever plate of meatballs and chips. I wonder how Ikea get their meatballs so smooth and juicy?  Do I want to know?  I'm just struggling to get my home made version up to scratch.  Perhaps I need to mouli my mince beforehand.

After lunch, we sort of melded into the various mothers groups that had assembled at the cafe for lunch and in the crush of slow rolling prams, Toddler SSG decided to have a nap whilst his mum and grandmothers gossiped and tried to find places in their homes for yet another piece of Ikea.  There's always room at my place for Ikea cookies.  I forgot to take a photo of them for you but I'll try to remember when I get around to opening them.

That's it from me today.  Stay safe if you're in stormy Sydney today.  May the roads be kind to you.


  1. At some point in my life I had 5 pairs of Birkenstocks. Love the red ones.

    Your sandwich looks delicious.

    1. You can never go wrong with red Birkis, I reckon. Like lipstick.

      SSG xxx

  2. I have a pair of Silver Gizeh Birkies for every occasion. They have travelled as widely as I.
    My, that sammich looks.....scandinavian.
    Probably the secret to smooth homogenous meatballs is a. fine mincing ie in a thermomix and b. fatty mince, none of the lean stuff.
    I meant to say, the photo of the little'un face down napping on the cushion in the last post - that looks not unlike me after I have hit the vino a bit hard.
    Stay lovely xx

    1. Thank you for the smoothness tip, C!!!!! Full fat is all the go for toddler cuisine, I reckon.

      Toddlers, god bless their cotton socks. The photo reminds me of a tipsy me as well.

      SSG xxx

  3. Can't do Birkenstocks, I have hobbit feet as it is. But love my ballet crocs!
    Stayed at a hotel recently and could NOT work out the clock radio thingy..... Radio came on every 5 minutes no matter what I pressed so I unplugged it at the wall.

    1. There is nothing worse than a clock radio you cannot master in a hotel room.

      SSG xxx

  4. I just got some Birkenstocks. First pair in, ooh, 40 years? And you don't want to use your phone as an alarm?


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