Mar 31, 2014

Buns and Blurs.

When you open your kitchen to a jar of chia seeds, you also open it to a whole new world of non dairy milk alternatives.  

With my Asian background, coconut milk meant only one thing to me.  Thick and rich cans of Ayam Brand coconut milk that you poured with abandon into chicken curries as they simmered or else drizzled over desserts.  As I made my first chia pudding last week, I remember thinking it strange that all the healthy living blogs were touting coconut milk as a low fat ingredient.  As I tasted that first rich teaspoonful of vanilla chia pudding, I decided not to question the process and just accept that perhaps that low fat in the health food world was an entirely different reference range to standard dietary guidelines.  Perhaps super foods are super because of their ability to lower the fat content of the ingredients they're combined with?

Sadly not. My ignorance was addressed at the supermarket on Friday when I found this carton of organic coconut milk.  It was near the almond and oat milks - neither of which I'd heard of previously.  I mentioned my mix up to mum who then told me all about the benefits of oat milk and how she likes having cow's milk holidays every so often.  My mum.  Who would've thought?

Chia Pudding 2.0 made with Coco Quench has the same taste as the Ayam coconut milk minus the richness.  Be warned, your pudding will look more grey than pristine white but your arteries will thank you for choosing health over beauty.

It was a big weekend in hot cross bun eating and magazine reading at SSG Manor.

The Prince George edition of the AWW was fascinating not only for the exclusive royal itinerary feature (Good Friday at the Royal Easter Show - am I foolish for even thinking of going?) but also this sample of the latest and greatest in skin care - Revitalift Magic Blur,  L'Oreal's take on the blur cream phenomenon.

The hype over this L'Oreal version has been off the dial, apparently.  There are YouTube videos showing miraculous transformations in skin texture, colour and radiance but also plenty of less favourable reviews.  Which you'll always get with products like this.  I'm linking to this objective review from Musings of A Muse because it reflects my own experience of Magic Blur.  Especially the points about increasing make up wear and minimizing pores.

In addition to the Muse observations, I found that Magic Blur worked a treat on the bags under my eyes and added to what my current under eye concealer (Garnier's BB version) does in terms of brightening and lightening.  It's also a good base of eye makeup and makes getting rid of liner smudges easier than on skin that hasn't been prepped with a bit of blur.

Some people have been using blur creams over their alphabet creams or foundations  but this didn't work for me.

I was so impressed with the sample that I went out and got myself the $24.99 full sized tube.  I snapped up the last tube at my local Priceline.  Garnier's version retails for around $16.99 but didn't appear to be selling as quickly as L'Oreal's.  When in doubt, pick the one that's flying off the shelves, I say.

I've caved and started on the hot cross buns.  Saturday's was an out of this world Nutella version from Cavalicious.  Which I ate after a bacon and egg roll.  Which I ate after doing cardio at the gym involving burpees and skipping ropes.  That's all the reason a girl needs, isn't it?

I think I'll push my limits even further next week with the intervals just so I can have another one of those buns filled with oozy Nutella. I can see myself getting a whole lot better at intervals in these weeks leading up to Easter and I'll have all these fancy hot cross buns to thank.  Or I could just invent some kind of hot cross bun flavoured chia pudding instead.  It's an idea that's growing on me....

Sunday's hot cross bun was from Heston for Coles.  A box of four retails for $8 which sounds expensive but there are places charging $5 for a single bun these days.  I wasn't too sure how lemon myrtle would lend itself to a hot cross bun but the good news is that you can trust Heston, these are deliciously different.  The buns are a brioche and the fruit it plentiful.  I prefer them toasted and slathered in butter.  

Lemon myrtle is a flowering evergreen endemic to Queensland (love the local touch, Mr Blumenthal) and the herb is a common bush food flavour.  It's considered to be lighter and purer than lemongrass.  Can you see now how perfect it is to flavour brioche?

Top - Mix Apparel, neckalce - Red Phoenix Emporium.

Outfit wise, the weekend was all about the stripe.  Such a shame Mix didn't do this top in red or navy.

Toddler SSG loves sultanas but curiously not hot cross buns.  While we ate ours, he had a smiley face custard bun from Bread Top.  All I have to do is introduce him to sushi and then he will have his mother's palate.

He's starting to show an interest in these Crayola dry erase crayons.  I was trying to get him scribbling on the black board because he's been using biros on my yoga mat when I'm not looking.  He's figured something's up because the crayons are breakable whilst the biros are not.  He does like sitting on the board and then scribbling on the floorboards and my jeans though.  It's a start.


  1. The tide towards saturated fat is changing, there was a recent article by Rajiv Chowdury in Annals of Internal Medicine which casts doubt on the link between Saturated Fats and Cardiovascular disease.
    The previous studies probably have also been coloured by the fact that, in the past, those who ate lots of saturated fats also ate lots of other bad stuff. It may not stand if you have saturated fat in the context of a healthy diet rich in whole foods, of which coconut milk is one. Coconut milk also contains Lauric Acid which is highly satiating.

    What is clear though - trans fats are bad (those in processed mass produced baked goods) and replacing saturated fats with carbohydrates (such as in processed low fat foods) is bad.

    So missy you can probably enjoy your coconut cream in moderation. And the butter on the buns, rather than margarine.

    I have been holding off on the hot cross buns and easter eggs, I will save them for around the time. Might even make some!

    1. I like your thinking, C. About good fats.

      SSG xxx

    2. Cilla, that's a brilliant summary. I'm quoting I teach cooking at the Chalkface, workers are always asking me about fats!! :D

  2. I am SO making that chia pudding!!! You know it also smokes as an egg substitute, too. The chia seeds soaked in a little water as a binder in a cake mix. Nifty. :D x

  3. The hot cross buns plus Crayola dry erase look fab, I feel the urge to simultaneously to go to the bakery & pop by toys r us soon.

  4. Heston's buns are indeed good!

  5. Mmm you have me craving some hot cross buns now.

    And I just finished some chia seeds with vanilla almond milk! Love it.

  6. Before I had Pickles and I was running to do the pickup, I used to grab D the BBQ pork buns...
    Oh my goodness.. they were lifesavers. That's what he would eat for dinner. I would put him to sleep then drag my pregnant bum to the kitchen to cook dinner for myself. I am not sure how I did it...

    Now I missed out on Heston's christmas puddings and I really want to try his Hot Cross buns!

  7. I have the Garnier version (I think it came out before L'Oreal's did, but I could be wrong). I hate using it underneath my makeup as it makes the makeup separate but love wearing it on weekends when I go makeupless as it seems to keep my large greasy forehead's oil slick at bay :)


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