Mar 26, 2014

Closure. Life Afterwards.

I haven't had the right words for my feelings about MH370 until now.
It's official now. the flight ended in the southern Indian Ocean and there are no survivors.  Over the coming weeks, the how and the why will try to be elicited.  The mission of the aircraft and ships diverted to the area is now one of salvage, not rescue.

For the piece of  mind of the loved ones and family left behind, I hope that those who died suffered briefly.  That there last moments were not spent paralyzed with fear.  That they were able to find peace with the God of their spirituality and leave with calm and the knowledge that they were entering a place where nothing more could be taken from them and nothing more could hurt them.  That they have been given closure in the depths of that ocean.

Will there ever be firm answers to the ambiguities of this crash for those that have been left behind?   Is satellite data and a messages from dignitaries enough?  Or the text messages sent in English to the largely Chinese speaking relatives expressing regret and sorrow?

Would being able to hold a piece of paper with government crests, stamps and signatures somehow make this ending real?  A tangible end to a period of torment, fear and uncertainty.  Official documentation that the worst has happened and that your anguish has been 'formally acknowledged'?

Grief sometimes needs both psychological and physical end points for it to end and in turn set a mind free for new beginnings and 'life afterwards'.

A bit deep and dark for a Wednesday.  Might have to return later with a return to mindless banter.

Take care.


  1. Great sentiments. It's hard to fathom what the passengers when through - but your point about finding calm beforehand is lovely. I hope that's how it was.

  2. Beautifully written. My thoughts and prayers go out to the families and loved ones and take this as a reminder to live everyday to its fullest.

  3. Indeed.

    Closure is important for moving on. xxx

  4. I think it's occupied so many of our thoughts. I cannot imagine the feelings of those families.

  5. Nice sentiments.
    However, until they have actual part of the plane discovered, they cannot be sure that they have the correct debris, I find the declaration premature.

  6. I was one of those people who was so hopeful although a part of me knew that there probably wasn't much hope. I can't imagine what those families are going through!


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