Mar 6, 2014

Marni Arms and Pumptv. Busy Times.

It's been a hard slog this week and I don't think I've had to think as hard for five days straight since maybe that one time when I was let loose at the Ala Moana Centre and Waikele Outlets in Hawaii when the dollar was something crazy against the greenback. Thinking on your feet, researching on your iphone, having 'just in case' options and the talking, oh the talking - I'm sure work and shopping share very similar cortical pathways across my brain. You end the day much the same as well. With an aching head, cranky feet and a mind that just needs at least 12 hours solid sleep. It's just that with shopping you have those pretty bags full of shiny new things.... Knew I got outfoxed somewhere along the way.
How's your week been so far? Counting down the days until you get to dust off your passport? You're not alone.
An Oliver Brown dark chocolate mocha I had some months ago. Image here for reference and smile only.
While it might be my day off today, I'm nothing if not dedicated to my job. I've already planned my Friday morning coffee run. I'm heading down the road to our local Westfield for another one of these Oliver Brown dark chocolate mochas. Hopefully with a smile on the lid courtesy of my regular Friday barista person.
Dress - Banana Republic, necklaces - Red Phoenix Emporium, bangle - Mai Tai Collection. The best thing about buying clothes on holiday is that they'll always fit you when you get home, Once you stop eating holiday hot breakfasts, cake for morning tea and chips for carbs at lunch and dinner.
But I'm getting ahead of myself. This was me yesterday morning.
Marni 2014
I know, I know. Marni arms and Marni black, right? Separated on the catwalk in Milan at birth by a coffee (I was going to say skinny cap but I'm pretty sure no self respecting Milan native would be drinking one at Marni). I'm a bit biased but I like my accessories better. And my hair. It was being obedient for a change.
Impeccably groomed, I stepped out the front door and into the darkness of autumn mornings on daylight saving time. I then did a strange dance involving holding my keys up to the light of oncoming traffic on our street as I tried to find the key to unlock the front gate. And then I was finally and decorously on my way in to work.
But not before stopping in at every servo on the Hume in search of a bowser with normal diesel. There's quite a few trucks in this part of town so most of the diesel pumps are high flow. Which don't usually work on normal cars. You might have seen me try to make it happen though. Sorry if your attempt to pay for your petrol was interrupted by your attendant having to bolt out from behind the checkout to rescue me and their high flow diesel bowser. It won't happen again.
As funny as that may be, it wasn't the most amusing thing I discovered when I got my petrol yesterday. Have you watched pumptv? No? Well, feast your eyes on my photo. They're mini flat screens above the counter section of petrol bowsers and they play movie previews and weather forecasts. With audio and a rather high res picture. I almost didn't want to leave to pay.


You must be as curious as I about how I made it back at the gym this week. I've been twice and have a training session today. It's almost as if I were never away. That stuff I did on my break got me through the cardio and most of my usual upper body program. Which is just as well because I'm a bit short on gossip to share distract my personal trainer this morning.

I'm almost done. Toddler SSG insists that he be part of today's post. He didn't actually say as much but he's been pressing all the buttons on my laptop and staring attentively at the screen. The beginnings of his winter wardrobe arrived from NextDirect this week. I only put the order in on Friday.

His puffer vest which Next calls a gilet - $26.

It's not a winter without a puffer vest for Toddler SSG. It got to the stage last year that every time we dressed him up in last year's version, he'd reward us with a big smile because he knew that wearing it meant that we were going out.

Jeans - $14 and $19.

Jeans. With adjustable waist bands and sturdy denim to protect those curious legs that know no fear. The backbone of every toddler's life.

Cotton sweaters - $19 and $22.

Next sweaters are so soft and very kind to toddler skin. They wash well and don't fade. They often do a few cute patterns as well as the basics. I'll be keeping an eye out for more patterns.

And now I'm really going.

Take care.


  1. I have to ask the all important question: Which dark choc mocha do you think is better; Oliver Brown or Max Brenner? I've never had Oliver Brown and am a hardcore fan of Max Brenner.

    1. Hi Bubby's Mummy
      It's a close call and depends on the outlet of each chain for me. Oliver Brown at some locations like Westfield Liverpool. Max Brenner is a bit hard for me to get to regularly - the one at the Westfield in Sydney is my favourite.

      SSG xxx


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