Mar 19, 2014

The Temple Of Officeworks. The Girl With All the Gifts.

There was something about this morning's drive into work that made me think road trip.  The air was crisp, the sky was that mysterious purply pink and the traffic was barely there.  Perfect conditions for a setting out and looking at the familiar from a different perspective.

I  had a few pit stops to make on this morning's commute and Officeworks was first.  Don't groan just yet.  I'm only sharing the selected highlights with you today. 

Like how the carpark looked at 6.50am at Officeworks. People who hate parking under pressure will appreciate the serenity that seems to emanate from this photo.

Officeworks lazily woke itself up.  Its cleaners buzzed along the lino, the groundsmen picked stray soft drink cups from its front hedges and the side gates clanked open as the day's delivery trucks left for the day.

And then the door opened to that peculiar world of precise order that is a Officeworks.  Cabinets of pens lined up according to colour and type, endless rows of colour co-ordinated bales of paper, shelves full of files with their spines perpendicular to the edge of each shelf.  It's a stationery obssessive's idea of heaven.

I left the temple of Officeworks ready to face the day, that sense of order and productivity is incredibly contagious.  Oh, I also left with the stationery supplies that I can't function without at work - yellow index cards (they have to be yellow) and a large box of sheet protectors.

Horn bangle - Mai Tai Collection, shirt dress - David Lawrence both from a very long time ago.

Outfit wise today, black remains the new black for me.  I'm in a bit of a wardrobe rut at the moment.  It's good that I'm not buying new things on impulse but sad that not much seems to be inspiring me on the work wardrobe front.  Though I have a feeling that this fashion ennui will only be short lived.  My credit cards are just a little edgy about this trip in May.

It wasn't all the same old, same old though. I did whip out my Revlon haul from the weekend.  It's love.  True love.  Both the CC cream and liquid eyeliner are gym proof but easily removed with cleansing oil.  They both get full marks in the fulfilling their stated objective stakes as well.  The CC Cream has more coverage than my current BB Cream (Garnier for sensitive skin) and really does have noticeably dewy finish, even at the end of the day.  The eyeliner stays put, providing you give it a minute or so to dry in the morning.  Well played, Revlon.

'The Girl With All the Gifts' is my latest can't put down, can I just stay up for another 10 minutes on a work night book.  At this stage, it is definitely available in e-book format but I'm not sure about hard copy availability.

There seems to be an air of mystery about the novel.  I couldn't even find a wiki entry to link you up with.  MR Carey is a respected figure in the sci fi and comic worlds and 'The Girl With All the Gifts' is a bit of a deviation from his usual territory.  The novel is part of that dystopian, post Acopalypse genre that my beloved Hunger Games trilogy explored so well.  But it is also more than that.   More as in quirky with zombies being thrown into the mix and also more with regard to the skill with which Carey weaves his story of cold blooded killing, fear and tragedy.

The novel begins from the point of view of Melanie, a young and highly intelligent girl who seems be held in captivity in a prison like place where she is on hand provided for with schooling and basic care but also deprived of human touch and love.  It's not clear at the beginning who or what Melanie is.  The 'what' issue comes into question because a scientist, Dr Caldwell seems very keen to use Melanie to find the answer to the problem that has effectively ended the relatively civilized modern world and turned it into a place of fear, hunger and deprivation.

In between the two is Miss Justineau, Melanie's teacher in the compound.  Melanie loves and worships Miss Justineau who is in turn tormented by her knowledge of what Melanie's fate is.  Perhaps unfortunately, Melanie begins the novel living in sweet innocence of her fate but slowly realizes it as she matures into her high intelligence.

Thank goodness it's my day off tomorrow because I'm going to be up all hours tonight reading the rest of this novel.

Take care and I hope you're travelling well.


  1. Mmm stationery is my weakness.

    And I just can't live without black in my wardrobe. It just seems incomplete!

    1. I know, where would we be without black work separates?

      SSG xxx

  2. Office works! One of my colleagues dreams of buying a house next to one! I love it too, although rarely get to go to one!
    I love black very much, but my ageing face doesn't love it as much as it used to.
    I've never used any Revlon products, but am intrigued....they are quite reasonably priced, aren't they?
    I've just ordered some Studio 10 products from Cult Beauty. They're formulated for 'mature' skin, so I have high hopes!

    1. Studio 10 sounds very promising, Ruth. Must investigate.

      SSG xxx

  3. I am luffing my Lancôme travel kit.
    Black plus accessories equal glam.
    Can't wait to see which merch you purch.

    1. Nothing too exciting from Officeworks but yes, there will be Buys in Florida. Counting down the days.

      SSG xxx


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