Mar 12, 2014

Things To Not Forget. Things I Can't Give Up.

Starting off with a couple of public service announcements today.

Firstly, it's flu vaccination season again.  The 'advertising' began at work this week so I popped in before work today.  I got a lollypop for my bravery which might come in handy if I feel faint at the gym this afternoon.  Don't forget to check in at your work if you're planning to get the vaccine this year.

It's hump day and what other excuse do I need to link up to a bit of old school Destiny's Child? 


Yep, it's all about the bills with the Government this week.  New legislation regarding credit reporting comes into effect as of today, I believe.  Banks will now be able to hand over more detailed information about your record with paying off loans and credit cards to credit reporting agencies.  Apparently, the banks have been collecting information about our ability to meet repayments on time since last year.  They've snuck this up on us pretty quietly, haven't they?

The changes in reporting don't extend to bills for utilities - yet.  All the same, though, I think I'll be switching what isn't already on direct debit over.  I'm already having late payment issues with Telstra despite their charging two dollars per month for the privilege of having a paper bill sent to me.  I've had even less joy with their online billing system which is why I opted in for paper billing.  It's pretty ironic considering thatTelstra is also meant to be a major internet service provider.  

If you've never had a Telstra issue, I'd love to hear from you.  Share that Telstra love where it's needed most.  I've still got a while to go on my contract.

Food.  I'm trying to get back on track.  Until Easter, anyway.  It's just too easy to pop a little pick me up into the cake hole these days.  Time to stop and take stock.

So.  I have a shiny pink plate for my fruit at work.  So I don't lose my 10 am nana.

Red onions.  Love them raw in my salads.  Just a little too much. 

Ditto hard boiled eggs.  I love them in a salad I make featuring my beloved parboiled broccoli.

I'm on a mayo detox.  So it's sour cream, lemon and a touch of olive oil as a base for my salad dressings.  And a sprinkling of parmesan.

But I refuse to give up my new obsession.  The one I'd gladly go an extra five minutes on the treadmills.

Peanut butter filled pretzel pieces!

They're so good and so finicky to make that there's legal action brewing between competing producers about them.

Onwards and upwards, everyone.  Hump day is nearly done.

Have a good one.


  1. You are a salad eater after my own heart. Though my love for onions in salad necessitates the need to carry gum in my handbag.
    Boiled eggs are the shizz.

  2. Re Telstra: My bills are always the same amount thanks to cap plans. I get paid fortnightly, so I I just divided my monthly bill in half and set up a direct bpay transfer each pay day. By the time the bill rolls around I normally owe nothing. I do it for all of my utilities (power, water, gas, telstra, rates).

  3. You are such a wealth of information SSG! Those pretzel thingamos look interesting. What is it with Americans and salty peanut butter combinations? Prefer it with sweet stuff .. like peanut butter and chocolate icecream ... MY FAV!!!!!
    Can't help you with Telstra - My MoPho with Optus which works a TREAT. Heaps of calls and texts and data for $49 a month and a new phone thrown at me every two years. Great coverage. Nothing to complain about.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  4. I got some of those pretzels at Trader Joe'. They are highly addictive. :)


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