Apr 17, 2014

Mind Says Pack, Heart Says Procrastinate.

I've got six hours to get everything packed before heading to the airport and gee it's the last thing I want to be doing right now.  I'm being passive aggressive about it all and simply wondering around the house picking things up and then tossing them into my suitcase.  If you have the chargers for your kindle, iPhone and camera packed, what else do you really need for a trip back home to mum and dad's?  Besides toddler gear and outfits for that tricky Perth weather that's beachy by day and log fire-y by night.

My motivation is nowhere to be found this morning.  I suspect it's gone on holiday early.  It's already at the airport stocking up on magazines for the flight and Krispy Kremes to take as carry on.

Actually, I do know why my mind's all over the place today.  It had to deal with a variety of household crises in addition to the work ones during this short week.  

Something happened to the power supply that saw us lose power to about a quarter of the power points in the house.  The very ones that powered the wifi and the kettle.  I only realised when I got home from work late on Monday and found the dishwasher flooded and the dishes looking a little worse for wear.  Flicking the switch in the mains box didn't work so I had to then run around pulling phones and plugs out from one wall and then reconnecting them to the spare phone line and working set of power points. The electrician can't come in until after Easter but it's all good - SSG Manor is still connected to the rest of civilisation.  

Then I had to apply myself girl scout style to the matter of the kettle that didn't work.  Enter the good old pot over the gas stove alternative.  Does it count as glamping, I wonder?  Probably not because the fridge and microwave still work.  I think you need two of the three to be out of action to meet glamping criteria.  

So much going on in this photo.  Don't know where to start.  BO'F, the Cambrdiges, my retro Weet Bix tin….

And then there was yesterday's dramatic chain of events.  If there was one person in Sydney having a worse day at work than I was, it was our most immediate former Premier, Barry O'Farrell who resigned suddenly yesterday over a rather expensive bottle of Grange.  The word in the lifts at work is that there was probably much more to it than that.

But, the more pressing issue in the office was what was going to happen to the civic reception at the Opera House?  Who would be hosting the event in the Premier's absence?  Several of us volunteered to taxi it into the city and I was more than happy to pop down to Westfield for outfits but sadly, the call was never put out to us.

The Duchess looked gorgeous in this yellow Roksanda Ilinic dress.  I love everything about it.  I knew I had yellow on my mind this week for a reason.

Getty Images

My Wednesday outfit wasn't quite as glamorous.  Though it was a homage to the Duchess's trademark casual cool off duty style.

Jeans - Cotton On, wedges - Rockport.

Skinny jeans and wedges for my bottom half.

Mix Apparel purchases from a while back.

And this sporty blazer from Mix with a white T on top.  I'm loving the concept of the sport luxe blazer. Fitted yet comfortable and so easy to care for.  I think I might just wear it again to the airport today.

Now I really, really have to go.  Need to get to the gym, hang out some laundry, get a Nutella hot cross bun and some sushi for lunch, a coffee and oh darn … still need to pack.

Have a lovely day and catch up with you from Perth, then.

May you have a lovely and safe Easter with family and friends.


  1. Happy Easter, SSG! Lovely you are going to your family. Xx

  2. Hope that the packing went well and you have a lovely trip! :)

    Away From Blue

  3. Of course it was about more than the wine! He was caught out lying to ICAC! His entire reputation is shot, the only thing he really could do is resign and f- Tony Abbott going on about how it was the "honourable" thing to do. Nothing honourable about being caught out doing the wrong thing and then resigning before you can be fired.

    Catherine is absolutely stunning and I really enjoyed watching the news on Wednesday arvo when they were at the Opera House.

    Hope you have fun in Perth!


  4. Have a lovely Easter with your family. Don't worry about packing, it will be a lovely excuse to go shopping. XT

  5. Happy Easter to you too SSG and family! I figure if you don't pack everything you can always just buy it. Enjoy your time in Perth.


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