Apr 11, 2014

Re-Tuned and Reconditioned. Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water.

This is probably old news to 99.9% of Australia but I only figured out how to re-tune my television last night.  Matters came to a head when I noticed that I was missing SBS, Channel 7 and Channel 9.  No offence ABC and Channel 10 but I think Food Safari's returning to SBS.

As for Channel 7?  I'll always have a soft spot for Home and Away.

Doesn't Sally (Kate Ritchie) look fabulous!?!?  So excited for her (and the zillion other celebrities who've announced pregnancies or posed naked in the manner of Demi on the front cover of high fashion magazines lately).  I was feeling slightly guilty as I had that home made pizza last night.  By rights, Kate should be the one feeding her face and not me.

Never mind.  I enjoyed it enough for both of us.  I've finally gotten the knack of a crispy crust.  I sprayed the underside of mine with some olive oil spray and it seemed to do the trick.  It was one of those unintentional moments of genius you get when you're trying to cut corners to save time.  Too lazy to roll my dough out on a floured bench top, I sprayed my rolling pin with olive oil before rolling the dough out straight onto some baking paper.  And voila - a super crispy pizza crust.

But I digress.  If you're like me and haven't re-tuned your Samsung television, this video will set you on the right path.  You're meant to identify which kind of remote you have and then watch the relevant video that's also somewhere on YouTube.

I know I keep saying this but where would I be without 24 hour access to the University of YouTube?

It's just as well I've got all those television channels back because it looks as if we're in for more rainy weather this weekend in Sydney.  I've already started wearing my sturdy, waterproof hiking shoes.  Those sidewalks and supermarket floors get awfully slippery at this time of year.  But yeah, I am one of those annoying city people who thinks of 'adventure gear' as a fashion genre rather than functional apparel for people who actually venture places where you can't get wifi or baristas.

Yesterday was also pretty special because I was finally reunited with a very special watch.  My parents gave me a Tag for my 21st.  And (this is where I reveal my age in a round about way) here I am nearly 18 years later still wearing it.  Its had its seals replaced, new hands and a major clean.  It looks as good as new but also lovingly worn.  The bezel is battered and there's a water stain on the face but it's a watch that's been on my wrist through so many life defining moments.  It's also a little piece of my parents that will be with me forever.  I know I could've bought a couple of nice new watches with what I paid for the repairs but sometimes you can't put a price on keeping memories alive.

Boxed set of gift cards with lined envelopes and seals by Papyrus - $25 at Big W.

Isn't Big W the place for amazing finds these days?  Ir's where I found this box of Papyrus thank you cards.  It's the hummingbird seals that made me buy this design.

The gift cards were to go with these movie cards that I gave to the juniors on our team who have left us this week.  The terms speed by quicker and quicker each year and I'm beginning to really feel my age (see paragraph under the reconditioned watch photo for details).  I seem to pass more and more people who used to be my juniors in the corridors and lifts at work each year.

Before I go, I need to tell you that you need to buy this for your bathroom:

Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water ($11.99 at Priceline) is one of the all in one, gentle make up removing waters that are the latest and greatest in the beauty world.  It was only last week that I was prattling on about blur creams.  A week is a long time in mastige beauty.

The gold standard in Micellar waters is meant to be Bioderma's.  From memory, I think it costs $37 at Strawberrynet.  I haven't tried it so can't comment as to how it performs compared to Garnier's.

The Garnier version is gentle and doesn't leave a residue on my skin.  I'm a long time cleansing oil fan and though they are very effective in removing heavy makeup, they tended to leave my skin a little oily.  Perfectly clean but oily.  This doesn't bother me that much but it's a messy process using cleansing oil so I tend to have to be under the shower with a face cloth whenever I have to remove my makeup.

With the Micellar waters, all you do is soak a cotton pad in the water and then wipe your face.  I needed three swipes for my eyes (pencil liner, eye shadow and non waterproof mascara) and just one for the rest of my face.  Only a little eyeliner was left behind but this washed away when I used normal cleanser on my face.  I think I'll still be needing Shu's cleansing oil for heavier makeup but Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water is an economical and easy alternative for my everyday work face makeup.


  1. I looked at that Who mag today.
    Kate R looks good for sure but what is with that "I am precious and better than you" look on her face?
    (Or is that just my paranoia?)

    meanwhile you are very lovely to be giving pressies to your juniors x

    1. I have a sneaking suspicion that would be Photo Shop and not your paranoia, C!

      SSG xxx

  2. Talk about the years passing...I saw my driving instructor the other day and thought to myself "geez, he's aged!" and then I realized it has been 14 years since he taught me how to drive. I don't know why time keeps moving so fast!


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