Apr 10, 2014

What Will Kate Wear Next? Memory Lane.

That burst of sun yesterday obviously got a better offer for today.

I had hoped that it would've stuck around in my backyard for a bit just so my backlog of laundry could have some chance of drying this decade but alas, it wasn't to be.  It's probably in New Zealand keeping Prince George warm and dry.

Zig zag ls sweater ($25), red cable knit front cardi $19) and black blossom cardi ($19) - all from Mix Apparel.

It's just as well I made allowances for that slow drying laundry, isn't it?  My stash of Mix Apparel knits arrived in the mail last week and they go with everything I'll be wearing to work this autumn.  With the bonus of being 100% compatible with my front loader.

Cardi - Mix Apparel, T - Calvin Klein via Costco, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.  Hair - one day it will be blow dried perfectly, Duchess of Cambridge style but in the meantime this will have to do.
Following on from last year's Royal Bump Watch is Royal Wardrobe Watch.  Inspired by the Duchess' elegant deplaning in that red coat dress on Monday, I built yesterday's outfit around the red Mix cardigan.     

I've officially put my white cardigans and summer dresses into storage for the year.  They've all had a farewell soak in Vanish with Napisan and hopefully will stay white and bright for next year.

Yes, Faux Fuchsia, seeing Prince George out and about has been a trip down memory lane for me as well.  I loved this video of the prince at a play group held in his honour at Government House in New Zealand.  The hip jiggling, the hair rescuing, the one handed crouch and swoop to pick up dropped toys.  They're those little moments of motherhood which are universal.

Sailor suits and smocking or singlets and boardies, regardless of your baby's wardrobe, it sometimes feels like a lifetime of change takes place over a matter of days.  You marvel at each stage but you never forget the ones that preceded it.

The crawling that passed you by in a blur of arms and legs.

The pulling up on furniture and the tapping of tabletops just to make sure.

Those chubby little legs that stumbled through those first steps and then picked themselves up each and every time until those legs grew strong enough to walk and then run.

And those hands.  Those little hands with their chubby wrists.  The ones that used to be little punching fists but can now turn the pages of books and take your own hands when you're wanted to share a dance or hug.


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