May 13, 2014

A Postcard From Orlando.

Hello from the end of my first day in Orlando.

A day that began with this view out my hotel room window.

And ended with the arches of both my feet aching and my wheeled duffle bag bursting at the seams with all manner of good things.  When I'm the person who feels the need to call time on a 10 hour day at the outlets, then you just know that there can be too much of a good thing at the Orlando Premium Outlets on International Boulevard (may I spell American since I'm here right now?).

There's nothing like taking a selfie in front of a bulging piece of luggage to instantly slenderize.  Yep, got the frock for $78 USD,

There was no time to spare taking too many photos whilst my friends and I were out and about today but here I am in the Brooks Brothers outlet with my duffle bag.  We were at around the halfway mark of our tour at that  point.

Breakfast parfait and fresh fruit.

I'm attributing my staying power at the shops today to my healthy hotel breakfast.

Detoxifying juice shots.

And the best flying conditions a girl could wish for.

This is me saying cheers to the good times that follow the stressful ones whilst admiring the Kate Spade print on my new makeup bag.

How could you possibly be jet lagged when someone kindly writes out the breakfast menu for you and two other people because they ran out of printed menus?

And then we landed in Orlando.

I'm not sure exactly where but it felt great to stretch my legs, sit on the carpet and charge my iPhone.

I slept the deep sleep of a woman who knew she needed concentration and staying power for the coming day.  For things like focussing on the pounds to kilogram conversion AND the particular way Americans write the date first thing in the morning and the shopping.  Oh, the shopping.

It's one of the laws of the shopping jungle, isn't it?  It doesn't matter how self absorbed a shopper you were before the kids came along, once you're a mum, you put the children first in every retail decision you make.  Which is how it came to be that Toddler SSG now owns a mini me wardrobe that's got him set for the next couple of years.  Adidas trainers, Crocs, an enviable Polo Ralph Lauren wardobe (the vest, you need to see the knitted vest) even his own adventure gear in the form of two Columbia rain jackets.

Thankfully, common sense prevailed when I said no to these Timberland boots and didn't even think about walking into J Crew Junior aka Crew Cuts.

A cheese and salami pretzel with extra cheese dipping sauce.  Just like a Kraft macaroni cheese kit only with salami and without the macaroni.

Ten hours of solid slog my two friends and I only get through 80% of our hit list.  It was an impressive effort though, punctuated with fluid and caffeine resuscitation at Starbucks and then a hit of sugary dough and cheese for afternoon tea.  Practically all American bread is rather sweet, isn't it?  Even the wholemeal bread and wraps.  Interesting.

It's getting late here.  We're taking a break from the shopping tomorrow (which implies then that there will be more shopping to come... stay tuned) and going to Disney World.  I've got my camera battery charged and ready to go.  I'm off to research make up purchases with the current Cameron Diaz issue of InStyle USA.

Have a lovely day / afternoon / Monday / Tuesday, everyone!


  1. So jealous of your shopping! Glad you are having a great time though! :)

  2. Ooh I have heard the shopping is great! You must be exhausted, well done re your stamina! :D the scene from your hotel looks like magic!

  3. So jealous your staying at the Swan/Dolphin hotel! That's where I was married late last year, so many memories!
    The shopping is amazing in Orlando outlets, looks like you have got off to a great start!
    Enjoy Disneyworld it's my happy place :)

  4. That dress is great - it's from Brooks Brothers? Love the foulard-ish pattern!


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