May 1, 2014

Days Like This.

As has been proven to me time and time again, the long and trying days only come along in order to make you truly enjoy the beautiful days that invariably follow them.

Today was simply glorious.  I've just come in from sitting out in the She Shed with my lunch and my favourite magazine.  This month's Australian Women's Weekly isn't just all about the Royal Visit.  Being the Mothers' Day issue, it also features some thought provoking articles about mothers.  Yes, there is the obligatory celebrity studded photo story featuring Angelina and the two Nicoles but also a couple of articles that I personally found more powerful and touching.  One was based on a series of letter women like Ita Buttrose wrote to their late mothers and the other was regular AWW columnist Pat McDermott's tongue in cheek piece about the real celebrity mums.

I really appreciate the way Mother's Day was interpreted by the AWW this year.  All too often, Mother's Day in the media focuses on the commercial value of the day, pitching articles at mothers with young children or devoting pages and pages to gift guides for the mothers in your life.  For women who are childless but not by choice, this compounds the sad wistfulness of what is often an already difficult day.

Elsewhere in the garden, my orange butterfly Daiso clothes pegs were cheerfully sunning themselves on the line.

Next to the cheeky green monkeys, also from Daiso.

Laundry on the line, a large batch of curry in the slow cooker and the housework caught up with - it's not going to be bad heading back in to work tomorrow.

Have a lovely day!


  1. You sound like you are enjoying your life very mindfully, and taking joy in the little things. xx

  2. Oh that sounds like a wonderful way to spend a day off! And that mango looks delicious, yum! :)


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