May 31, 2014

On the Move. The Princess Problem.

It was a case of being there at the right time.

I saw these two furniture removalists from across the road this morning and whipped out my iPhone just in time to capture their synchronised shelf shifting across a normally busy intersection.   Pitched at almost identical angles and in contrasting black and white, it was one of those moments where everyday life just suddenly decided to arrange itself into a perfectly composed photograph.

But trying to turn someone's life into a perfectly composed film isn't as easy.

The Princess Problem - today's SMH review of Grace of Monaco.

Nicole Kidman is back in the headlines and on the front covers as she promotes her latest film, 'Grace of Monaco'.  The film opened the Cannes Film Festival this year and there's nowhere to hide  there if your film fails to please the critics.  Their response hasn't exactly been enthusiastic.  At 46, they find it odd that Kidman was cast as the 32 year old Kelly though her physical similarity to the Princess is startling.  The Grimaldi family, initially supportive of the project, have now distanced themselves from 'the farce' they feel the final edit of the film has become.

Is it possible to turn the life of a fashion icon / princess into a film that would satisfy all its potential audiences?  On the one hand, admirers of the icon's style would feel short changed if set and wardrobe were not awash with Dior, diamonds and exotic locations.  Those who are fascinated by the historical context of said icon would possibly have read biographies (authorised or not) and the forests of magazine articles written that come with being beautiful and famous in the 21st century and would have their own vision of X.  To this group, any film, no matter who the star or director is would have a B grade, made for television miniseries connotations to it.

What's your opinion on films based on the lives of Diana, Grace et al?  Are you going to see Grace of Monaco?  Did you see Naomi Watts' Diana film?  Is the Princess Problem an Australian actress thing?


  1. That is a fantastic moment you captured in the first pic!!

  2. Great removalist pic..
    I'm not a Nicole fan so boo to that casting!


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