Jun 9, 2014

Dame Marie Bashir. Finds.

The Queen's Birthday honours list has been announced today and retiring NSW Governor Marie Bashir has been awarded the honour of Dameship.  Dame Bashir brought to her role as Governor, she spoke of not wanting to be 'owned' by any one sector the community but rather to be a person who was there for whoever needed her.  She brought compassion and genuine empathy to office and was respected and loved by people from all walks of life and political parties because of this.

In addition to the role of Governor, Bashir was also an advocate for people who were usually marginalized by mental illness or as a consequence of their refugee status in Australia.  She did this in a formal capacity as a psychiatrist who worked extensively in the public health system and was also an academic in psychiatry at the University of Sydney.


All that talk of this May being the warmest on record?  It's just history now.

The cold has officially arrived.  It's all about thermals, scarves and ugg boots around here today.

The heater's already humming away in the lounge room.  I even blow dried my hair straight out of the shower.  On a public holiday Monday, no less.  With a nicely warmed scalp and dry hair, I then made a start on the hard boiled eggs straight out of the water - to get some warmth back into my hands.

You know how it is with long weekend Sundays.  With the day off afterward, suddenly Sunday isn't just all about getting ready for the coming week.  After days of studiously ignoring the winter sales media blitz, I found myself in the city for what was meant to be just a research mission.  And we all know how plans like this end for me.... 

Inside a Head On pop up exhibit outside the QVB.

The Head On photography festival was in full swing with pop up exhibits dotted around the CBD.  Inside black shipping containers were displays of photography covering the spectrums of photojournalism, landscape and fine art.  In addition, 'fixed address' exhibitions are on display in galleries across Sydney.

AG by Adriano Goldschmied The Leatherette Legging Jeans - $237 AUD (from $339) at DJs or else online at ShopBop for $273 AUD full price.

Oh yes.  The sales.  I've said it once and I'll say it again.  David Jones clearance sales and I have something going on.  Over the years and through the seasons, we just have this bond.  I get it into my head that I just have to have a particular item of clothing in my wardrobe and DJs hears my call and has it in stock and discounted from anywhere between heavily to moderately.

My item of need was a pair of black leather skinny jeans.  Oh the dramas and the lather of indecision.  Should I go the ponte backed option at Witchery (too late, nothing left in my size), should I go for full leather or coated denim and how about leggings or a traditional five pocket cut?

I ended up with leatherette (okay ... pleather) in a five pocket style.  The pair I settled on are from AG Adriano Goldschmied and are available online at ShopBop or else on the sale rack at DJs. The reviews at ShopBop are very positive with regard to how well the jeans wash and how comfortable they are.  In hindsight, expecting a pair of leather jeans to wear well with my current lifestyle would have been wishful thinking.

The AGs are fully lined and wear just like normal cotton jeans.  They go with all my winter knits, go from day to night and work with both heels and flats.  Will report back as to how toddler proof they are.

Physician's Formula is a brand I haven't used much but I found myself drawn to their display at Priceline on the strength of the cute packaging for the current range of pressed powders.  Just in time really because there's not much left of my current powder (MAC Studio Finish).  Nude Wear Glowing Nude Powder (shade Medium, $29.99 at Priceline) promises a 'Beautiful Bare-Skin Effect and Skin Glowing Finish'.  I was sold right there.  It was also a promising sign that I got the last compact on the stand.

The plastic and satin compact clicks shut with a magnetic clasp on both sides.  The quad of four powders is takes up the top surface of the compact.

While a brush and mirror occupy the bottom half.

I've been wearing a dusting of the powder over a BB Cream and Loreal's Magic Blur.  The powder has a lovely subtle glow to it when worn this way on me.  When worn alone, I found it a bit drying.  Compared to Studio Fix, Glowing Nude definitely looks more 'natural'.  I also like that this powder doesn't come with sparkly bits the size of craft project glitter.  Because it's so subtle, it's so easy to work with first thing in the morning.  I just can't do bronzers and highlighters no matter how hard I try but Glowing Nude gives me the effect I'm looking for without too much effort or potential for disaster.

Have you found yourself a miracle pressed powder recently?  Did it transform your life into an oasis of photoshopped perfection?


  1. I am not kidding you...I love Starlet pancake stick for $5 from Coles!!!! Dark blue canister. I have been around the traps and tried it ALL! Sick of paying up to $90 for something that was just so so.
    Good on you always eating a boiled egg, one of my most gorgeous friends always seems to eat high protein and boiled eggs feature for her. Mr Fascinata always reminisces about his Halcyon days when boiled eggs were his only snacks and he looked good for it.
    The jeans will look great. Xx

    1. Flora!!

      Thanks for the heads up re Starlet. I'm with you on being over parting with $90 for nothing special.

      SSG xxx

    2. Just wanted to say Flora Fascinata that I went out and bought the Starlet panstick - and wow you are spot on!

    3. Good to hear, Cindy! I'm going to investigate too.

      SSG xxx

  2. Well today I had fried eggs. As I had bought a job lot from Costco I had to use them so I also baked a lemon and coconut cake. Speaking of Costco, yours may not stock the designer handbags however you do benefit from the liquor....BIG bonus! Laws still prevent this in QLD. Shame! Pressed powder is definitely a staple product in my make-up collection. I'm loving Maybelline 24hr right now...it's held up well to the humidity so far. I'm liking the palette you've shown above too x

    1. Sophisticated Mumma,

      No liquor at your Costco!?!?!?!?! Bummer.

      Thanks for the Maybelline rec.

      SSG xxx

  3. Me- neutrogenia moisuriser, touché éclat about the eyes, and diorskin nude pressed powder. I also have a Korean BB cream I should use more.
    Good on dame bashir! X

    1. Touche Eclat - I'd forgotten about this. Such pretty packaging...

      Loving your Insta photos by the way. Such a beautiful place is Istanbul.

      SSG xxx

  4. I received the Guearlain Meteorites as a gift.(well... it was like this: I went shopping with my friend's daughter a while back, she paid attention to what I was raving about and then when they went to EU on a trip, they got it for me). I absolutely love them, and love their scent as well!

  5. Great AG leatherette skinnies. I too am an AG fan.

    I've tried so many powders; but I guess my skin is too old for them. I've also tried a zillion BB cremes and the one I prefer is Biotherm.


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