Jun 4, 2014

Mid Week Mumspiration.

Ever had one of those days where things actually went according to plan at work?  The trucks in the morning peak hour kept within their special lane, you managed to park your car without taking the paint off anything and then the planets aligned for everything work related?  Welcome to my Wednesday.

A day that went so well that I found myself sitting at my desk twiddling my thumbs this afternoon because I couldn't face going home early through the 40km/hr school zones.  So I sat around with a couple of biscuits, a mug of tea and the last of my emails until official knock off time ticked over.  It's the hardest thing in the world sticking to school zone speeds when there's hardly any traffic on the road.

Not my actual bed.
In other exciting news, it looks like I'm becoming my mum.  I've made my bed every morning for a week now and it's true what she says, it really does seem to set the tone for the rest of the day.  Writers of esteemed lifestyle blogs like UFYH (sometimes you need a bit of language to elicit change) even agree with my mum, but with a decidedly more earthy turn of phrase.  Are you a born again daily bed maker?  How has it changed your life?

Freshly laundered and ironed SFAMs from back in the day.  Ready to roll for this long weekend!

But my mummification didn't stop at the bed clothes.  I ironed a pair of jeans this week.  Mainly because the cuffs were all bent out of shape for being rolled up in the back of my denim shelf since 2012 and then being hastily washed this week when I realised that I could actually fit into them again.  But hey, mum would be so proud.  I'll have to call her this weekend to keep her up to speed on my domestic achievements.

Cardi - Target, white tank - Costco, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

There's always room for a bit of mum inspired colour in a work outfit.  The pile of knits from Target I bought a few years ago are still serving me well.  The winter sales have started this week but I'm intending to sit them out this year because I have a conscience and I know exactly what happened in Orlando.  Some of the big names are supposedly holding back for a few weeks because their margins haven't been that great on account of the warm start to winter but the sale preview emails have already found their way to my inbox.

That's it from me this hump day.  I'm kicking off my work day heels and settling in for a night in.  Offspring tonight and a day off tomorrow.  It's going to be an epic day of cooking tomorrow and preparations have begun tonight with the official soaking of the dried green peas in bicarb and water for the first pot of soup of the season.

Have a lovely evening!


  1. I make my bed every day but all that consists of is shaking out the doona and putting the pillows in place. No fitted sheets or what not. Pretty simple. And usually it is done out because I'm trying to find a dummy I've lost in there somewhere - HA!

  2. I still have my SFAMs too but they have all stretched out of shape :(

  3. I generally make my bed everyday; but sometimes I'm in a rush to get out in the morning, so it stays unmade until I get home.
    Some weekends I read in bed all day so I don't bother to make it at all.
    I did read it's a good idea to pull back your bed linens and air out your bed for an hour each morning, so I feel a little less guilty when I don't make my bed. lol


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