Jun 11, 2014

Offspring Wednesday. Sephora News.

Can you believe that it's Offspring Wednesday already?  Instagram has forewarned me about tonight's episode.  It's meant to be an absolute tear jerker.  So get those tissues close to the sofa, pronto.

I was workshopping a Nina Proudman inspired outfit for work last night (as you do) and this Country Road dress from 2009 jumped out at me from my crowded wardrobe.  

And voila, here I was today.  Same dress different gilet.  Got mine from Target last year.

I'm a bit wistful about the good old days, actually.  2009 was probably the last time I found myself a nice dress at Country Road.  Or a suit, for that matter.  I do browse their stores a fair bit these days but there's no denying it, I'm a bit too much of a nanna for the new look CR 2.0.  It's like how I'm a die hard Britney fan in a Miley world.  And how .... I could go on and on but Offspring's getting closer and closer and I've got a dinner to microwave.


Something I'll never be too old for is Sephora.  Have you heard?  Sephora is to open in Australia this December.  I think Sydney may be their first store and.... prices for brands new to Australia will be the same as in the US!  It's going to be an interesting battle with the current majors here.  Will this mean fairer prices for us across the board?  More samples with purchases at Myer or Mecca Cosmetica?

There's only one way to find out.  I'll be there in the line come December, hopefully with answers to all of the above.

That's it from me tonight.  The clock's ticking and the sofa needs to be set up for some serious television watching.

Take care.


  1. So beautiful! Love it.


  2. That is such a gorgeous dress, love the print! :)

    Hope you enjoyed offspring last night and it wasn't too weepy!

    Away From The Blue

  3. Love that dress! CR is terrible these days: cheap fabrics and unflattering cuts. I rarely even bother going in any more :-(
    Very excited about the opening of Sephora! I'm also hoping that Cos will open in Sydney too. They're opening in Melbourne in December, so surely a Sydney store will open too? Really hope so.... I adore Cos!


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