Jun 19, 2014

State of Offspring. FOMO.

It's going to be messy today, Australia.  It was kind of a big night last night in the world of sport.  Especially if you're a Blues supporter.  Congratulations on winning the State of Origin, New South Wales!  As a really, really, really casual follower of rugby, I know you've been waiting and trying for a very long time for this moment.  And as a somewhat frustrated road user who took 2 hours to get home last night, I am letting go of the road rage I felt on the M4 last night.  All for the greater good of state pride.

And then there was the Socceroos' valiant fight against the Netherlands in their game that started around 2am Sydney time.  I randomly woke up for the final 10 minutes of the game and was hoping for the impossible end of a battle that wasn't as one sided as the media were anticipating.  This loss against a powerhouse team is disappointing but gee, Australia put up a good fight.

So now here we are.  Wide awake in the pre dawn with another big match being played as I type.  There's no point going back to bed and thankfully it's my day off today.  I've been alternating between cups of tea and instant coffee (until my favourite cafe opens for the morning) and doing the housework in bursts to the background audio of passionate Chilean and Spanish supporters on SBS.

It hasn't all been sport around here.  Offspring Wednesday went ahead, only we had to temporarily rename it State of Offspring.  Upcycling my wardrobe still hasn't lost its novelty and today's outfit was a Zara silk shift from the very first drop at their very first Sydney store way back in 2011.  The summer in winter theme continued with a Red Phoenix Emporium necklace from their Nature in Neon collection and finally, I made a concession to the cold with a skivvy from Saba.  Skivvies under dresses are one of my go to combinations in winter.

An IKEA bag full of Aldi.

I'm not going to deny it but there's something about an Aldi special buy that brings  out the extreme FOMO (fear of missing out) in me.  While others may currently be getting all FOMO over schools, I'm taking more of a short term view on parenthood and studying ALDI's website on a weekly basis to plan my shopping trips there.

One of Wednesday's themes was children's toys and I was at my local branch not long after the doors opened.  Armed with my trusty IKEA over the shoulder shopping bag sack.  Aldi's own brand of wooden toys, Jack'nJill was featured and the range on offer includes a train set, a tool box and various food inspired play sets.  The haul pictured above wasn't just for Toddler SSG.


I stocked up on a few presents for some of his friends, including this cake set.  Available in chocolate or birthday styles where the slices of cake stick together with velcro.  The set includes a knife, plate and cake decorations (the chocolate set doesn't have candles though) and is retailing for $10.

Current special buy toys at Aldi - high tea set ($39.99), tool box ($12.99) and train set ($39.99)
I'm of the opinion that the men and women of the future don't need to be confined by gender stereotypes when it comes to the wooden toys of their toddlerhood.  Which is mostly why Toddler SSG has a high tea set, a tool box and a train set.  It could also be a tiny bit related to the toys I'm dying to play with...

Oh, and remember how I was tragically down to that last Butterfinger from Orlando the other day?

I have 5th Avenue bars!!!!!!  I haven't tried one yet but they feature a truck load of peanut butter in a thick coat of Hershey chocolate.  I only bought six from Aldi ($1.49 each, special buy) which is a bit excessive considering how often I actually eat full size chocolate bars but ... FOMO, people, FOMO.

And on that note, I've got to get going.

Have a lovely day and hope you manage to stay awake!!!!!


  1. I love American candy bars! I haven't tried 5th Avenue yet but I love Butterfingers and Junior Mints! :D

    1. Junior Mints sound interesting. Another to add to my must try list.

      SSG xxx

  2. Have you tried peanut butter m and ms?
    Glad you are giving toddler some foodie toys x

    1. Not yet, C. Must track some down, though. After I've gone through my current stash of chocolate bars, perhaps.

      SSG xxx

  3. Haha. It appears it just CALLS to you. Love it. I get the same urges everytime I go to ALDI, maybe there's something in the air-freshener?

  4. 5th ave is my favourite candy bar of alllll timmmmmeeee! i bought a whole case the last time it was on sale at aldi mmm


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