Jul 28, 2014

Early Starts. Underground.

Hello and good morning.  I'm bright and early this Monday morning.

It was one of those working weekends for me but on the up side, it wasn't as traumatic as I thought it would be.  On the even upper side, I'm off the hook for the next seven weekends.  Not that any of us actually count down that way or anything.

Working weekends mean super early starts.  An hour or so to myself in the morning before the adventures of the day begin their journey. 

A quiet coffee and croissant.

Followed by a dash under the roller doors the moment the supermarket starts winding them up for the start of business.  The fruit and veg area looks calm and well rested with its promotional balloons at full perk before the onslaught of the 'shop for the week's 2 (fruit) & 5 (veg)' customers roll through.

A few aisles across, it was a case of coffee meets kaftan chic.  Camilla added a splash of colour and high fashion to the sides of these Grinders coffee tins.  The empty tins cost $5 each.  Would it be wrong to buy them to store my tea bags instead?

It was also a weekend of being brave and confronting fears of the unknown, the subterranean and the very, very dark.

For weeks now, bits of Toddler SSG's toys have been going missing.  A bit of Duplo here, a Mr Potato Head ear there and a hand crafted London bus passenger somewhere in between.  I finally cottoned on to the fact that the gap under the front sliding door actually leads to a dead space under our house and that the gap was just wide enough for those particular toys to slide be pushed into by small fingers.

Armed with a MAG light, I took a few deep breaths and climbed through the trap door under the house.  It wasn't that bad.  I was imagining mice, Jason's hockey mask and bad curtains from the 70s running riot under there but it just gravel and old milk crates.

I ended up finding the toy pieces we were missing plus a few extras from the children of the previous owners.  There's a whole history of childhood memories under our house.  I wonder how many times other parents had done the trip 'down under' in search of bits of Fisher Price and Duplo. I have a feeling I have a few more in my future.  I've just had a look at the Mr Potato Head set and it looks like we are now missing another two ears....


  1. glad that your working weekend was good
    can you fix the crack that the toys go down?

    cilla xx

    1. cilla
      Wish I could but it looks like a major job too big for the likes of me.

      SSG xxx

  2. Working weekend doesn't sound like fun, but good you don't have to do it for a while!

    Amazed you climbed under the house too - I'd be too scared of bumping into spiders and their webs in the dark to consider something like that! In our usual afternoon walk, we now have to walk under a rather large spiderweb with a rather large spider. I have to resist the urge to squeal as we run underneath it, haha!


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