Jul 1, 2014

Half Full.

It's often much easier said than done, but life's horrible days don't seem so soul destroying when you take the glass half full approach to them.

Having to be at work super early on a 8C winter's morning meant that I got a clean run on the road and my favourite spot in the car park.

Everyone else then running late with their (long) phone calls about the night's events gave me a free 10 minutes to sit in stillness with the crisp winter's air cooling my cheeks and jump starting my brain.

The school holidays meant that I was first in line when the cafe rolled open its shuttered front door for busines.

And the gentle sun that prods the day into action almost seems to hug you and say 'whatever happens today, it's going to be okay. Just get back in there with a smile and a deep breath.'


  1. 's bloody freezing in Melbs.
    I can't even deal with it.
    Enjoy some nice things x

  2. That's lovely, SSG, I do believe attitude is everything. I often have to trot it out. Xx

  3. I love early mornings and the glass half full approach. Makes the world seem a better place (well for a bit anyway!). x

  4. I'm going to have to remember this for nightshift tonight - but then ill more than likely be the cause for the long phone call!!!

  5. I hope that your day continued to improve so much that it was even easier to see the positive side to everything! :)

    I find winter days the most difficult - when things go wrong or you have something ahead of you that you dread, having to getup and out of the nice warm bed makes it harder I think!

  6. Love it.
    I read this today
    You need to go through winters so you appreciate the summers. Not just talking seasons.

  7. I don't deal well with the cold, but am doing my best to look at upside. Cosy new jumper I brought from Country Road last week, and have practically worn every day since. More calories burned. Central heating.....


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