Jul 19, 2014

More Senseless Loss. Home. Snaps of Holiday Places.

As trying as yesterday's flight home from Perth was for all involved (45 minute total body toddler tantrum that lasted through to touchdown and the entire 20 minutes we were on the runway waiting to disembark), talk of my immense relief at 'surviving it' would be clueless and insensitive in light of the tragic news of MH17.

Image from Reuters.  The cross made by the power line carries grim symbolism for what it towers over.

The innocent soles that were lost were children who had barely lived their lives, parents who would never see their children reach adulthood, people for whom July 17 2014 was just another day on the job.  In addition to all of this is the loss of 6 AIDS researchers who were on their way to a world conference on AIDS in Melbourne.  In them, we have lost not only individual, irreplaceable lives but also a large piece of the fabric of the world's current and future knowledge on a virus that kills millions each year.

The weather in Sydney today seems to be in mourning for the lives lost on MH17.

Grey skies and fierce winds have been with us all day.  It's been a day for staying indoors and making inroads on all those jobs that accumulate when you've been away for a bit like waiting in the Saturday morning queue at the barber with a coffee in hand or hand on the birds' food as the case may be.

Skoot ride on suitcase - $49.99 Aldi (special buy from last month).

We're mostly unpacked.  This suitcase scooter I bought for Toddler SSG travels well.  Unfortunately, Toddler SSG hasn't quite taken to sitting on it, preferring instead to tip it on its side and roll its wheels with his hands rather than on the ground.  I'm hoping he'll enjoy scootering on it by the time we're ready to travel again.

I've seen to the mail, including this parcel from Cotton On.

Socks - Cotton On Kids, $10 for 4 pairs at the moment.

Which contained these glittery spotted socks for Toddler SSG.

Nala circular scarf - $10 with any other purchase at Cotton On.

And a circular scarf for me.

Books for sale at Elizabeth's Secondhand Bookstore, Rockeby Road, Subiaco.

Been going through my holiday snaps too.  Aren't these blind date books genius?

I found this new pasta cafe, Tommy Sugo tucked under the IGA up the road (on Broadway) from mum and dad's.

It's very tastefully accessorised with wooden cutlery for the pasta takeaways.

And nifty striped paper straws (as well as the more durable but less attractive plastic version) for juices and smoothies as well as freshly baked amaretto biscuits that perch on top of each takeaway coffee order.

I didn't have room for their almond croissants but all good cafes seem to have these on offer for breakfast.

The beans on offer last Thursday.

I think I've scored an extra long nap from Toddler SSG this afternoon.  Good haircuts tend to that to a boy, I guess.  I'd better make the most of it and fold the laundry if there's any chance of it staying folded en route to the wardrobes.  And perhaps I should look up the last few weeks' of Offspring on Tenplay.



  1. It's just incomprehensible.
    And the decisions made by the powers that be are more and more based on fear and hate rather than compassion.
    But I love hearing your travel tales and stuff about little toddler xx

  2. My nephew had one of those scooter suitcases. Still using it at age 5! Hopefully you'll get your money's worth soon.

  3. OMG!!! I got so excited when I saw the "Blind date with a book" picture! There is nothing like curling up with a good book... I hope you got a nice surprise. xx


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