Jul 10, 2014

Turning That Frown Upside Down.

I'm all out of deep breaths.  And it's only Thursday morning.  Work has been crazy and the planets just haven't aligned themselves for the rest of my life.  The last load of washing I wanted to get done before leaving for Perth?  Got rained on on the line as I drove home from work.  Micro managed timeline for all the things I needed to get done before catching the taxi to the airport?  All done but just as I thought my luck had turned around, I get the 2 hour delay text message in the taxi.  

So now I'm at the airport, desperately trying to turn that frown upside down after being pinged for three kilos of overweight baggage and copping the particle wand test.  I've had a coffee, read the paper, browsed the Victoria's Secret perfume collection and am now sitting back and relaxing as the soccer mad half of the lounge watches the penalty kicks with rattling tea cups and loud exclamations as Argentina bring it home.  I think calmness is within reach.

This picture of Harry and the Cambridges is also helping.

The three musketeers were officially starting the Tour de France earlier this week.

Cast iron saucepan - Aldi $15.99.  Performs as well as it looks.  Love the spout and extra handle.  The wooden handle is also pretty sturdy.  Comes with a matching cast iron lid.

I love the Duchess's green coat but sadly haven't a thing in my wardrobe that's similar.  I channelled the green with my choice of dinner vegetable instead.  My beans are parboiling in a Crofton via Aldi cast iron saucepan. It's my favourite saucepan and has the honour of sitting on top of the stove when not in use for purely decorative purposes.

It was a historic start to the 101st tour with the first ever start in England.  Doesn't the Tower Bridge look magnificent in the summer sun?  The colours of the cyclists' jerseys and the crowd dressed in team colours set off the festive blue and red of the bridge.

While in the sogginess of early spring, the bridge looks austere and somewhat sinister through the fog.

That frown is slowly turning.... happy holiday memories do that to you.  

It wasn't all bad this week, it never is.  It's just that the trying moments stick in your mind and play on your stress levels longer than the joyous ones.  My loveliest moment of the week took place at the crack of dawn on Monday morning.  I had a parcel to pick up at my local post office and it was the first time I'd visited the early morning pick up point which is behind a bright red trap door next to the bank of PO Boxes out the front.  Yes, it is bright red and no, in all my years living here, I'd never given the door much thought.

Anyway, I dutifully pressed the buzzer at a little after 6am and the hatch magically opened to the happy face and voice of one the early morning shift.  With a friendly smile and a hop to his step (yes, even on a freezing winter's morning), he found my parcel and his equally happy to be there colleague returned to hand it over.  I think I might need to drop in on these guys a little more often on the way to work to see if I can catch some of their early  morning workday cheer.

My parcel arrived just in time to be worn in to work.  I got these Hush Puppies flats from Mumgo for $59.00 a few weeks ago.  They've got great cushioning and a bit of a wedge heel.  Perfect foot wear  for 12 hour days treading the lino and climbing the fire escape stairs at work.

Speaking of work, it was all about the flamboyant neckline for me this week.

Vest - Forcast, dress - Witchery, necklace - Red Phoenix Style.  Very excited to hear that the new RPE range is dropping on the website very, very soon.
You can't go wrong with a bit of fauxtastic fur on the day the GPS in your car starts flashing its special snowflake sign to warn you that it's below 3C outside.  Though their soccer team may be nearly invincible, it seems that even German cars feel the cold.

Scarf - Hermes, scarf ring - Mai Tai Colleciton, sweater - Country Road (from back in the long gone Golden Age though the latest CR campaign is looking rather lovely).

And what's the point of a day of high drama and flouncing at work if you're not doing it with a vivid scarf arranged just so around your neck?

Well, that was cathartic.  Thanks for being a virtual shoulder to lean on.

Onwards, upwards and have a lovely day!


  1. Have a great time away. Always fab to take time out from whatever your regular day offers and just enjoy being on holidays even for a short time. Love your beautiful bright scarf and the necklace shots. You look great! At our place we're serious Messi fans, especially our 10 year old boy who lives and breathes soccer and all things sport. He was literally praying for Argentina to win the penalty shoot out. Go Argentina!!!!
    Den xxx

    1. Thank you, Den!

      Hope your household is holding up re the Germany win. Didn't watch but heard it was ruthless.

      SSG xxx

    2. Surprisingly not too devastated as Messi is still our soccer guru. 10 year old said "in my heart I wanted Argentina to win & my head said Germany will win". He said this at outset & his dad reminded him when it was all over. Even Beckham's boy was wearing Argentina jersey.
      Enjoy your trip!
      Den xx

  2. Faints at Hermes scarf.. :) Gorgeous..
    Now 3kg overweight!! That's rotten! But that's ok keep the faux fur going.

    1. Ling,
      It's the way of the world with airlines these days...

      SSG xxx


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