Aug 25, 2014

A Weekend and A Half.

Toddler SSG hasn't quite got the hang of crayons or play doh but he does have a way with expressing himself through interior design.

It was a weekend and a half in the busyness stakes and I wish today was a long weekend Monday because it would've been nice to have today off to recover.

How can you  not be happy when you're wearing orange?  It is the new black after all.

Saturday got off to a busy start with a half day at work.  I have to admit it sounds worse than it actually was.  Provided you don't have to go in every weekend, working on a Saturday can be more efficient than on weekdays.  Less distracting buzz, shorter queues at the coffee cart, more parking spaces.  All of that wasn't enough to convince you about working Saturdays?  I do see where you're coming from.

Anyway, taking the glass half full option, I did get a head start on spring by wearing my Lauren orange sweater from the outlets in Orlando.  Gee that holiday seems awfully long ago.  I think some holiday visualisation is in order this week.

SSG Manor's new cordless phones.  If I can figure out how to answer calls and dial out, I'll be happy.

But back to the weekend.  I just had this list of things that needed to get done.  The cordless phones at home died simultaneously so I had to track down some new batteries.  That didn't work which meant I had to get new ones, assemble them and try not to have a fit whilst figuring out the instructions.  Why can't home cordless phones be as intuitive as smartphones?  We have the technology, Uniden.....  we have the technology.

There were some fun things on the to do list.  I spent all my Priceline vouchers on my desert island beauty itemts - tubs of Lucas' Pawpaw ointment and the brown shades of Models Prefer's pencil eyeliners.  I also got a new Blur Cream, this time from Loreal's Nude Magique range.  The cream comes in two shades and is a thinner consistency than the sister product in the Revitalift range.  Which probably explains that while the colour match is better on me (the medium dark shade), it doesn't have as much of a miraculous effect on my skin as Magic Blur.  I got my tube for $10 off with a Priceline coupon, bringing the price down to around $16.  Which still isn't cheap so I think I'll persist with it rather than ditching it straight away.

Sunday saw me shed all pretension I had that I was a casual but chic weekend dresser (I might have been in contention pre Toddler SSG but it's all about pockets and wash'n'wear come Friday night around here right now).  The newly recovered Toddler SSG needed a little outing to break the monotony of his isolation at home during his flu and a outing we did go.  It was jeans and hiking shoes to the local soft area playground where Toddler SSG did his thing through the tunnels and up the middle of the space ship climbing tower.

Before he asked to be hoisted up over a bin so he could throw away some litter he found as he played.

Then it was off to do the groceries.  I've made the unilateral decision to shop at Woolies for the next three months.  Woolworths is running a collect and save sticker promotion featuring a range of Jamie Oliver china.  I have my heart set on a set of six mugs which means I need 30 stickers plus $30 to get them.  600 dollars worth of shopping at Woolworths before the end of November.  Can I do it?  Are you collecting?  Aiming for the whole set or a more manageable (!) goal like mine.

We were through Sunday's list of chores around 4pm.  Just in time to be driving under this glorious sky.  Spring really is nearly here, it really is.

And here we are, Monday afternoon already.  I've got my old favourites on - a Veronika Maine tunic dress and an original RPE FF necklace over a Kookai wool skivvy.

As well as this strawberry and kiwi salad to go with my lunch and mug of green tea.

Life is good.  It's busy and full of the unexpected but it is also good.  Very good.

Hope you're having a lovely start to the week.  May it stay a good one for us all.


  1. Hi SSG. Can I give you a pressie? Call it a reader's birthday gift to you or a thank you for your wonderful writing. We had to do a massive shop as we hadn't done one for about a month & so I have 33 stickers to give you. Stickers for 6 mugs! Den xxx

    1. Den

      That's far too kind. Could you email me at so that we can discuss a fair exchange?

      SSG xxx

  2. I admire your dedication.
    I also admire your positivity. I am glad you are feeling life is good. Especially just after having worked a weekend. x


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