Aug 28, 2014

All This Rain. Objects At Great Height.

Who needs alarm clocks and the flashing lights of their bedside phone to wake them up when the sound of these late winter downpours will do the trick without adding to your electricity bill?

I was up with the rain this morning and *insert gloating sigh*, being my day off, I bounced out of bed at whatever crazy hour it was before 5am and made myself a huge mug of tea.

Then I padded around to the lounge room in my socks and pyjamas to do a spot of DIY furniture assembling.  Readers, prepare yourselves emotionally, it was not an Ikea flat pack I was attempting but rather one from Aldi (not that that's much of a surprise either given my love of Special Buy Wednesdays and Saturdays).

One of yesterday's themes was children's books.  The sling bookcase cost $39.99 which I was pretty happy with because I'd seen similar advertised for around $60 online.  It took me half an hour to assemble mine (half of that was attributed to toddler factors involving running with screwdrivers and attempts at eating the polystyrene packaging whilst skidding across the floorboards on the cardboard component - toddlers are so resourceful).

And it doesn't look too bad at all.  It even sits evenly on the floor and is robust enough to hold quite a few soft cover books as well as two blankies.  I'm not sure what I was hoping to achieve with putting the bookcase in front of the television because it got pushed away by Toddler SSG when he realised it got in the way of his pushing the buttons on the DVD player.

From what I've heard, quite a few Aldis have already sold out of the bookcases.

But you might have some luck tracking down the books on offer.  The soft cover Kate Toms books are $2.99 each and are just adorable.  They are clever takes on favourite nursery rhymes.  Not too wordy with vivid and vibrant illustrations for each verse.  I'm loving 'Hey Diddle Diddle' myself.

As a heads up, next Wednesday is $90 1000 count sheet set day so get in early.....

Bookcase assembled and filled, it was time for a bit of Play Doh time for Toddler SSG

while I tended to my collection of Jamie Oliver stickers.  Thanks to my local Woolies being sticker happy with any purchase that's remotely close to $20, I got my first $5 mug today.

Which is currently still in its box sitting on one of the few remaining shelves above Toddler SSG's reach that has any storage capacity.

The prime position at the top of my wardrobe went early.  Spendy perfumes, books highly vulnerable to being torn apart, art supplies at risk of being ingested.  The glamour around these parts.

In other Woolworths sticker news, I'm also collecting the Top Gear stickers that come with petrol purchases at the Caltex Woolies servos.  I was already fond of that particular servo on the way to work because the bowsers had little TVs which told me the weather forecast and selected highlights of the news but now that they're giving out Stig stickers?  I refuse to fill up anywhere else.

With all this talk of obsessive supermarket sticker collecting and things being kept at sensible heights off the ground, it won't come as a surprise to you that I rocked up to the hairdressers in my off duty uniform of hiking shoes and ancient 'skinny jeans' (skinny as in how they make me feel rather than look, they've stretched like the figures and modelling featured in our current Federal Budget).  Happily, I walked away after two hours of restful solitude and Kindle reading with rather glamorous hair.

How are you bearing up with all this rain?


  1. Your skills know no bounds!! I am astonished. Well done, and what a gorgeous little unit for Baby SSG. I laughed when I saw how HIGH the stash of valuables are kept. Funny.
    I love the rain. Had a bit here. Love getting up early and feeling great, too. Xx

    1. Flora, it's insane just how high things have to be kept. At least I get a good stretch to my perfume every morning.

      SSG xxx

  2. Replies
    1. Still trying to figure out how to do a faceless hair selfie, C!

      SSG xxx

  3. I love Aldi Wednesdays as well, got the veggie dicer last week because my pet hate is chopping onions. Made a veggie soup with a quick couple of presses of the dicer tonight! Will keep an eye out for the sheets! L xx

    1. The dicer!

      Dang, knew I should've gotten one.

      SSG xxx


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