Aug 1, 2014

Everything and Nothing On A Friday.

Apologies in advance for this post which seems to have covered lots of territory with no real structure about it at all.  The executive summary is as follows - mandatory PINs, Jeans for Genes, CR versus BR, makeup I'm loving, reflections on motherhood and puff pastry pizza pinwheels.

Got all your PINs in order?

It's August 1 and you'll need a PIN to approve all your retail credit card transactions from today.  Self declared card dependent that I am, I've been transitioning to PINs over the last few weeks and can now remember my digits even under the pressure of the self checkouts at the supermarket.  Hope you're surviving the transition and haven't been left stranded whilst paying for petrol or your grocery shop today.  

Wedges - Rockport, skinnies - J Brand, jacket - Country Road, belt - Gap, bag - LV.

My other pins have been decked out in denim today in honour of Jeans for Genes Day.  The suit jacket I'm wearing today is from Country Road.  I'm holding onto it for sentimental reasons as well as its cut because there's precious little suiting to be found on the racks of Country Road stores these days.  The design team seem to have gone on a style tangent only they fully appreciate.

In fact, I'm struggling to find suiting from any of my usual Australian high street haunts at the moment.  It's just as well that Banana Republic are doing 50% off their trousers at the moment.  I  placed an order yesterday and will post about what I bought when it arrives.  It's going to be an exciting reveal - three pairs of navy pants.

In more exciting BR news, Roland Mouret has done a collaboration with the label and the full range will be available online August 7.  Just in time for a birthday splurge.  I'll report back.  I have my eye on the Galaxy inpsired dresses.

After my recent dramas with exploding make up compacts, I am pleased to announce the safe arrival of my NARS blush from Strawberrynet.  I'm also back on the Shu Uemura cleansing oil wagon after that brief dalliance with micellar cleansing water and a separate eye makeup remover (too many products, cotton wool pads and time were the nails in the coffin for that regime).

Dolce Vita was the blush I chose.

And a very flattering shade it is for winter.  It's a warm plum that's easy on the glitter but has enough shimmer in it to brighten up the pasty winter / head cold pallor I'm rocking right now.  I'd forgotten how fine the texture of these blushes are and I'm tempted to track down the legendary Orgasm shade for spring.  At full Australian retail if need be.

Somewhat NARS related is this Maybelline Fit Me concealer ($14.95).  The word on the street from beauty bloggers and reviewers is that Fit Me is a close cousin of NARS' pricier Radiant Creamy Concealer. I can't find Radiant Creamy online in Australia at the moment so can't quote an Australian retail price for you. 

So far, I'm pretty impressed with the performance of the Maybelline version.  I got the darkest shade available in Australia which seems a good match for me (MAC NC40).  It has a light texture with medium coverage which makes it a godsend for the morning rush.  It doesn't crease and wears well through the day. 

Yesterday was my stay at home mum day.  Which quickly became pram toting mum at the shopping centre day.

Dymples waffle baby wraps - $12.50 a pair at Big W.

Our first stop was Big W which I think is the unofficial safe haven of the mums in my local area when emotions are running high and naps are in short supply.  There's something about rolling your pram across the shiny Big W lino that calms even the most fractious little one.

My other purpose for being at Big W was to purchase these waffle knit baby wraps by Dymples.  I bought my first set way back when I was getting ready for the then Baby SSG.  The original set have become Toddler SSG's blankies and he takes them both everywhere around the house.  He sits on them in the lounge room, sleeps on them in his bed and flaps them around calisthenics style when he has a point to make.  Needless to say, all that loving has seen both blankies look just a little dirty.  Hence the need for the blankie back ups.

It was day one with the new blankies yesterday and though their newness was duly noted by Toddler SSG, he's befriended them both and I'm sure that they'll both be looking well loved in a matter of days.  By which time I should have the originals freshly laundered and ready to roll.

Essential purchases made, it was off to the Monkey Mania play centre which has just opened in Top Ryde.  It's very clean, spacious and parents get a free beverage with their $4 entry fee.  There are lots of tables where you can sit while the children play if you tire of running along the bouncy bridges or squeezing yourself between the padded rollers.  It's Toddler SSG approved and guaranteed to induce a nap.

There's always a new challenge with motherhood, isn't there?  You got through the sleep deprivation of the early months, the SIDS anxiety, the breastfeeding versus formula guilt trips and the specter of self settling feeling more confident and a bit more relaxed about parenting.  Then you hit the days where you need chocolate with the cup of tea you're trying to drink whilst doing the cleaning in stages and arranging a toddler with velcro limbs on your person.

You wonder if the competent person you are at work got lost in translation as you put the work phone on the dressing table only to find it seconds later in the hands of your toddler as he paces the floor with it pressed to his ear seemingly in earnest conversation.

You get changed whilst keeping an eye on the phone and its proximity to the toilet before heading to the park.  Where you have one of those magical afternoons in the company of some lovely neighbourhood mums who are with you on the ups and downs of toddler boys, working and childcare.  Being a working mum with a toddler.  I'm not the first woman to be one and I'm definitely not the only one either.

I'm going to finish off this post with lots of photos for a very simple recipe. I made some Pizza Pinwheels using this recipe from Kidspot.

All you need is a sheet of puff pastry (finally I find a use for the stack sitting in my freezer), grated cheese, ham and tomato sauce plus whatever extra seasonings and toppings that may take your fancy.

Slather your defrosted sheet of puff pastry in the tomato sauce (I had some homemade in the freezer) then top with half the cheese before adding the chopped ham.  I also seasoned with some Pizza Topper herb mix.

You can't have a ham pizza made by my hand without it also having a generous dusting of canned pineapple.  I'm a Golden Circle girl myself but there appears to be a national shortage of it at the supermarket right now.  So I had to make do with Dole.  I do like their tropical packaging and the cute pineapple topped fork that comes in the lid.

Do a final sprinkle of grated cheese over the top of everything before rolling up tightly and chopping into segments.  I got 12 from my roll.

Arrange on an oven tray lined with baking paper and bake at 200C for 25 minutes or so.

Leave to cool slightly on the tray before gently removing and offering to your toddler.  Veggies?  The tomato sauce is packed full of them already.

Okay, that's it from me for this week.  Have a lovely weekend.


  1. That chocolate looks like a face.... or is it just me?

    I think you are doing a wonderful job. Toddler SSG is doing all his tearabout toddler things in what looks like great happiness. You are more than enough. x
    I have a bobbi brown blush that I whip out on occasion, but usually I use napoleon perdis for every day

    1. Just saw that face now!

      Never tried Napolean... too much glitz at their counters....

      SSG xxx

    2. Hi SSG, as you shop at Top Ryde go to see Stephanie at the Napoleon pop up shop next to cafe. I promise you she is lovely and as I' m quite the klutz with make up, she's my go to person when there's a wedding, christening etc. I think napoleon' s having a very very good sale at the moment. Stephanie is no relation to me and may even be the manager but she's fabulous. Have referred various friends to her and even my sis who's a make up guru was impressed by her efforts. She said Den, your make up is fantastic at the last big pow wow that we attended. That was courtesy of Stephanie. Den xx

  2. Also, I am going to spend a bit of cashola at Veronika maine - they do good separates, albeit pricey. They fit me well but they are not everyone's cuppa tea.

    1. VM does polarize. Sometimes their stuff is love at first sight for me but other times, not so much.

      SSG xxx

  3. I just bought the Maybelline FIT ME concealer and I really like it.
    Also those Pizza pinwheels look AMAZING!

    1. Glad you're loving the concealer too.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      SSG xxx

  4. OMG pizza rolls! I need to make them!!!
    I am a little hesitant about NARS on SN, did you find that it was genuine? :)
    I do have a PIN but I cannot for the life of me remember the PIN on one card. I guess I am no longer able to use that card. LOL


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