Aug 6, 2014

Hands Across the Water. This and That.

I know there are two sides to every story but what if the emerging details of the other side of the story are even more shocking than what we've already heard?  I'll be honest and say that it's going to take a better person than I to empathize with Gammy's biological parents.
The story of Baby Gammy's tragic circumstances have made the headlines world wide.  Hearts have been touched and an outpouring of love and generosity has seen over a quarter of a million dollars raised by Hands Across the Water to help Gammy obtain the urgent medical treatment he requires and to help his surrogate mother look after him.  I was listening to a radio interview with the founder of Hands Across the Water and he was so diplomatic and positive about Gammy's situation that even the journalist interviewing him appeared touched by his compassion and pragmatisim to all involved.

While Gammy has some chance of a bright future thanks to the funds raised for him and his surrogate mother in Thailand, his twin sister who has returned to Australia where child protection is apparently assessing her safety with her parents.  We can only hope for her safety and wellbeing.

On a cheerier note, the sun's out and by the afternoon, it takes the edge of the cold snap we're going through right now.  The days seem to be getting longer and afternoon walks down by the creek segue into expeditions across bridges and brisk jogs through the trees.  These are the kind of days that always bring home to me just how blessed our lives are in Australia.  Sunny days and clear blue skies above without the threat of air strikes or the fear of ceasefires being broken.  Just peace, freedom and first world problems that are only as big as you choose to make them.

My sweater looks much less grimy in real life.  Blaming my smudged iphone camera lens.  Sweater - Mix Apparel, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium.

If all goes to plan, we'll only be needing to wear thick sweaters and heavy coats to work for a few more weeks.  So I whipped out my Mix Apparel chevron sweater for one last (I hope) hurrah for winter 2014 before it goes into storage for next year.  Can you believe that next year really isn't that far away at all?  Six months from now (it's clinic day and that's how we roll with follow ups) takes us to February 2015!?!?!  

Heels - Rockport via the Orlando Premium Outlets.  Stay tuned, I think I might be heading back to sunny Florida later this year for Orlando 2.0.  

And, stop the press.  I even wore heels to work today.  The sun really must be getting to me.  But they did make me feel more dressed up.  Only down side is that I can't walk as briskly as I usually do in them.  And I'm a louder walker in heels.  If you've heard me in flats, you'll appreciate the problem this raises for my colleagues.  But at least I looked good.

I spent the weekend stocking up the cereal shelf in the pantry.  I think it's important to cover all the bases when it comes to weekday breakfast, from left to right we have - healthy (Weetbix), looks healthy (Woolworths Select Vanilla Almond Clusters) and is healthy (home made untoasted muesli with a 50:50 ration of fruit to grains).  I'm a big fan of cereal combining.  With each other and also with a cheeky teaspoon or so of raw sugar on top.

Started the week with a full dairy drawer for Toddler SSG.  There's not much left and it's only Wednesday.  Hearing Toddler SSG say 'cheese' is one of the bright moments of the 6am get dressed for work whilst assembling breakfast routine.  That and the hot cup of tea that wakes me up for the day.

The freezer got itself a new batch of chicken pasta bake over the weekend and some of it is getting defrosted in honour of tomorrow being my day off / stove free day.

Did you watch Life at 9?  I'm going to iView last night's episode.  The whole series has been one of my favourite documentaries.  Each episode is an intelligent and warm mix of the lives of the children as well as segments from the lead researcher of the longitudinal project that inspired the series and a range of experts in child development.  'Life At...' is one of that rare breed of informative yet deeply human pieces of television.  I've just ordered the entire series on DVD from the ABC Shop because mum was interested in watching from the beginning.

And that's the latest from me.  Hoping to catch the Offspring finale in real time tonight.  Would it matter that I still haven't watched last week's ep?


  1. I have not watched Life at 9.. I need to get this too. Will it be on abc app i wonder.

  2. That Gammy story is heart wrenching. Love your breakfast supplies. Today whilst babysitting I had the boys make oat cookies. Being sugar conscious, I halved the sugar and doubled the oats.... they ate the batter whilst baking, but then requested arrowroot cookies instead of the cookies we made! As for 9, I watched the last 5 mins and wish I'd realised it was on earlier. Don't have Iview, and didn't tape it on IQ. I think I watched an earlier stage of the program though last year- maybe 4 or 7. Am curious to watch though. Have enjoyed watching the British 'Up' Series, especially the adult ones - e.g. 49 and up. So interesting how their lives turn out, and how much they're influenced by socio-economic factors.

  3. I have been following Gammy's story since I first saw it on the news. I feel the same as you and also hope his twin sister is safe.


  4. You look fabulous in your sweater selfie. On a different note I love reading your column to get up to date with the latest happenings back home. We just had our first viewing of RHO Melbourne over here and I'm still speechless, I'd love to know how it went over in Aus.

  5. I find it interesting that the surrogate decided to keep the baby herself, and its only made public 6 months after the birth, when money needs to be raised? And the fact that also was recruiting other surrogates and egg donors? And the dubious nature of a new husband who is 28 years older than her, and that they only just married. And has two children
    already, the first at age 14,.so many things
    that aren't right

    And aren't we forgetting the purpose of triple tests, ultrasounds, taking folate to prevent neural tube defects -all to avoid, prevent, or to terminate a pregnancy with any "problems", just look into the number of pregnanc ies

    1. You raise good points, Anon.

      Sadly, despite all the media coverage of the weekend, we don't seem to be much closer to the truth and guaranteed best possible outcomes for both children.

      SSG xxx

  6. I agree that both surrogate and natural parents are in no way ideal, and that something should be done to ensure both children are well cared for.
    What I haven't liked in the media, and in comments made on media, that are hypocritical in that in Australia 97% of abnormalities in pregnancy are terminated, if you see what I mean by the odd nature of this. People stating that they would look after him, but really if it was their choice would they?
    I think the point of view you published is important and that these topics should be discussed from many aspects.
    Much love & respect xxx


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