Sep 19, 2014

A Lovely Friday. A White Linen House Review.

It's been a lovely Friday in my neck of the woods.  The kind which started with a morning where I wasn't chasing my tail just to head out the front door.  Wake ups occurred with even tempers, nappy changes were still and the worst thing that happened at breakfast time was crushed, dry Weetbix being sprinkled onto the floorboards.  And not even from a great height like the top of the dining table but rather from a more sedate 82 cm above sea level.

Yes, mornings like this just make you want to walk out in the spring sun and grab a coffee from your favorite cafe rather than subsisting on the in house option.

Necklace - Lovisa, T - Emerson at Big W, jacket - Country Road.

It was such an orderly morning that I even managed to wear this Lovisa necklace with its tricky clasp.  It was a sale bargain and I love the deep green against black and white.  Bottom half wise, I was in those fancy dry clean only Joe's Jeans skinnies from Orlando 1.0 (only 30 days until version 2.0!!!!!).

Why all this serenity when I'm not even on vacation yet, you might well ask.  Well.  I've just lost one major housework related task each week for the next few months thanks to Natalie and Bindy and their new online business, White Linen House which launders and then delivers bed and bath linen to your front door.  What's unique about White Linen House is that your linen is yours to keep at the end of your contract and also that your linen is laundered in its own load.

The service is available on a weekly or fortnightly pick up service.  Your linen comes to you in a handy, zip up bag and each item is embroidered with your client number.  I'm trialling the Duo package ($45 per delivery on a 26 week contract) which includes:
  • 2 x flat sheets
  • 2 x pillowcases
  • 4 x bath sheets
  • 2 x hand towels
  • 2 x face washers
  • 1 x bath mat
  • Laundering
  • Delivery
  • Ownership of linen.

The sheets and pillowcases are a 200 thread count and the towels are 100% cotton.  If, for some reason, you forget to put your laundry out on delivery day, White Linen House will cover you with a spare set until the next pick up.

My first delivery arrived yesterday and there was a flurry of activity around SSG Manor as sheets got changed and Toddler SSG got tangled in them in the process.  It's just that much more pleasant a task doing the linen when all you've got to worry about is changing things over rather than having to wash, hang and then dry them.

Fresh towels from White Linen House hanging in my bathroom.  I could just stare at them for hours.

I know its heaven that first night's sleep on fresh sheets but to me, fresh fluffy towels hanging perfectly in the bathroom are the one thing guaranteed to calm me down when life's a bit too hectic and busy.

Bath mat - White Linen House, step - Ikea.

Toddler SSG was not going to be left out in this review.  He'd like you all to know that White Linen House launder a bath mat to soft and fluffy perfection and that they're also the perfect size for  placing under his bathroom step to give it extra purchase on the tiles as he reaches for all the interesting bottles and tubes on top of the vanity.

At present, White Linen House serve the following areas of Sydney: Eastern Suburbs, Inner West, Sydney CBD and the Sutherland Shire.  For your reference, I'm linking here to their list of FAQs.  This linen and laundry service is a wonderful idea and would be a great gift for new parents, loved ones recovering from an illness or for yourself because you're worth it!

Have a lovely weekend and thanks once again to Natalie and Bindy for their support of my blog in providing the package I reviewed today.


  1. Love the deep green necklace with the crisp white shirt & black jacket. The towel & linen service looks good too! There should be internet sites aka KAOS blogs where you can log on and type in what caused grief during the day & what was a fist pump moment! Then, everyone reading the various pages ie the pages for parents of babies, toddlers, Tweens etc could see that really everything is normal. Comforting really... Have a lovely weekend Den x

  2. Love that necklace with the white and blue, really nice statement piece! So nice when you have one of those days where everything just works!

    The White House Linen sounds like such an interesting concept, was good to read about them! I have to admit seeing your instagram yesterday about it had me intrigued, it was good to find time to sit down and catch up on blogs and read more about it! Shame they aren't in Brisbane yet! ;)


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