Sep 30, 2014

Culinary Nearlies.

Isn't it nice to be done with black opaque stockings for the year?  And to feel the sun on your  bare legs and arms?

Cardigan - Mix Apparel, skirt - Boden, flats - Rockport.

After a few false starts, I do believe the warm weather is here to stay.  It is nearly October after all.

October in Sydney is Good Food Month.  Restaurants offer month long special menus and promotions, there are food festivals practically every weekend and a food obsessed city gets even more fanatical about the latest must try desserts, places to have coffee and signature dishes from the big names.

I'm not sure exactly how much I'll be participating in Good Food Month this year but I did try to get into the zone over the weekend.  I've been hearing about all the exciting developments on Parramatta's Eat Street and entertainment precinct so I thought it'd be nice to take Toddler SSG on a drive to see it for ourselves.  There's still a fair bit of renovating and road work going on and we were there at a toddler friendly time of early Saturday morning so we didn't get the full effect of the after hours buzz but we were there.

On Saturday mornings, Eat Street is more of a Market Street.  Many of the restaurants are shut and recovering from a big Friday night leaving the cafes to open for the market crowd.  The markets are held on the street and you can take in a view of its wares from behind the awnings of the al fresco dining areas that line Eat Street.

So near yet so far.  Messina loomed on the horizon as we walked but it doesn't open until midday on the weekend.  The queuing area was temptingly empty at ten in the morning but waiting in line for two hours with a toddler just wasn't going to happen.  Even for exotically flavoured gelato.  One day the planets will align and I will front up to a Messina during opening hours and get myself a cup of the good stuff.  It would make my life so much more complete, I'm sure, if Chatswood got itself its own Messina.  Perhaps the people can make it happen?  I'm doing my bit my starting a rumour on the blog.....

As first time Parramatta visitors, Toddler SSG and I took the shuttle bus around the city and stopped off at the park.

Before looping around the court houses and returning to the Westfield.

Where we had a another culinary nearly moment.  Poh Ling Liew was hosting a pop up restaurant in the main court of Westfield.  Poh is the ambassador for Papparich  and is hosting events around Sydney celebrating the opening of new Papparich outlets.  Once again, we looked on from afar at the swish set up and the promise of a lunch of Malaysian Delights.  Papparich are opening at the Macquarie Centre too so I'm hoping to take my mum and aunty when they come over in a few weeks.

Parramatta's town centre has just had a refurbishment with the clock tower being restored to working order and a new water fountain built in front of it.

It was Toddler SSG's moment.  

Bringing along his waterproof parka turned out to be a great idea as he ran through the jets of water and jumped in the puddles.

So what did we actually eat on our little foodie tour?  Maccas.  McChicken Bites for the toddler and a semi healthy soy chicken wrap for me.  We shared a serve of sweet potato wedges which neither of us liked much.  Should've gone with the fries.

In other food news from the weekend, I found these pots of lightly dried herbs by Gourmet Garden at Coles.

You use them as you would fresh herbs and I gave the coriander a go in my salad.  They do add some visual pizzazz though the flavour isn't as intense as the fresh variety when eaten as is.  I suspect they may release more flavour during cooking and that fresh is still best as a salad garnish.

Sunday was New Shanghai dumpling night and Toddler SSG managed to get through a whole serve on his own.

Oh, and I've officially entered 2014 with my new paypass card.  It's now stuck on the back of my phone and apparently it can still work through non metal phone cases.  You can use them to pay for sales of less than $100 and I'm looking forward to mine saving my life on those days when I leave the house with everything but my wallet.

Do you have a paypass card?  Do they really work through phone covers?


  1. It is so nice going without tights! :)

    It's good your getting to explore Sydney through the eyes of a toddler - even if you are missing out on a few things! I'm looking forward to being able to take baby T out more places as he gets older - right now we are limited to visiting family and popping out to the shops now and then, but as my confidence grows he'll see more 'exotic' places I hope! :)

  2. Always go for the fries. Let that be a lesson to you.
    (but I would've been curious about the sweet potato fries...)
    Melb doesn't get its warm weather act together until about mid-January, then it's just freaking boiling.

  3. Love exploring with a toddler, such fun. New Shanghai is a family favourite here too, particularly as ours is right next door to DJs. Perfect!


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