Sep 12, 2014

Demi Moore Nachos. This and That.

Thank goodness the weekend is here. At last.
I'm off this weekend and am planning to make the most of any sun that comes my way by kicking back on the front verandah with a cold fizzy drink and as Toddler SSG busies himself with that new Ikea easel of his, the pot plants and whatever magazine I'll be attempting to read. I've got a week's worth of Royal Baby 2.0 news to catch up on and I think I saw the new Donna Hay magazine in my pile of mail too.


To update you on my adventures with sour cream dips, I can vouch for the addictive properties of making the dip with taco seasoning. I promise you, eating the dip with crudites is almost as good as having a plate of nachos. Actually, perhaps I could rebrand this humble work day lunch of mine and call it Demi Moore's nachos? Are you even allowed to have sour cream on that raw diet that has left her looking a third of her age?

Aside from reversing the aging process on my insides with my raw nachos, I've been taking care of my ageing outside with this fancy Redwin moisturizer - their Daily Intensive Nourishment with Moroccan Argan Oil lotion. It's $5.99 for a 400ml bottle and while I know deep down it's never going to give me Demi's Charlie's Angels: Full Throttle physique, it does leave my skin well hydrated and smooth a good 12 hours or so after application. It's quite a rich lotion so it's easy to apply and has a heady, spicy fragrance. You can't ask for more at that price.

Dress - Brooks Brothers, necklace - Red Phoenix Emporium, hair - not quite Charlies' Angels worthy.


I'm still loving silk shifts with black opaques for work. Today's frock was from Brooks Brothers. I think saw this very dress at the DFO in Homebush. It's very comfortable on and seems immune to wrinkling.

Oh yes, a postcard from Stay At Home Mum Thursday. There were so many highlights - the sun, getting a new hot water system (a life with the risk of your leaky Rheem suddenly refusing to provide you with a hot shower after a long day at work is a life not worth considering) and these cookie cutters from Aldi. They're $8 for a 20 cutter set and there's even a little pictorial guide to explain what each cutter is meant to depict.

The cutters have been repurposed at SSG Manor for Play Doh cutting and also for being something nice to tip over the floorboards just to hear the noise and see the cascade of jangling shapes.

And, that's my week accounted for.

Have a lovely weekend. Catch you on the other side.

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  1. I kept telling myself to keep walking and stop looking at the middle aisle section of Aldi last weekend.
    How good is it!
    Do like that Brooks Brothers print... off to have a look at their website.


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