Sep 22, 2014

Finds In the Sunshine.

Picturesque normally doesn't describe car park exits but I couldn't resist taking this photo on my way out of Rhodes yesterday afternoon.  The blue sky and fluffy clouds reflecting off the still water in the distance and the way that the endless blocks of high rise apartments somehow don't manage to look and feel as oppressive as they could.  If you make a right turn from this exit, tall trees arch over you as you drive.  It's soothing in the winter when the branches are bare and uplifting in the spring when the branches do a leafy green sway.  In a city as congested and as urbanized as Sydney, you take the beauty where you find it and soak it up.

Relief ... found that ticket tucked away in an obscure pocket of my purse.  Why can't these things be smart phone app-ed?

Sunday was all about errands for me.  And being grateful for small blessings like finding my car park ticket in the nick of time and saving myself $42 in lost ticket fees.  I'm having a bit of bad run with car park ticket panic.  It's that bad I can't actually remember the last time I left a shopping centre car park without some mild anxiety over the whereabouts of my ticket and a feverish search of every pocket of my jeans, purse and handbag.  It never happens at work because I wear my pass around my neck.  The day is nearly here where I'll have to do the same at the shopping centre.....

The Rhodes trip was Ikea related where I discovered that halogen globes are so last week and LED is where it's at.  They're a pricier globe so I hope they last three times as long, to positively correlate with the price difference.

Something that was a real find was this Smakryp bath toy set.  It costs $4.99 and features a boat base that you can pull apart to get all the bath water out at the end of bath time and two stacking cups that form a tower over the 'cabin' of the boat.  One cup has a spout and the other has a base full of holes to give you a shower effect when lifted high.  The set is a huge hit with Toddler SSG already.

COK Beach Boys sweater - $10.

Cotton On Kids have the best range of tops for little boys.  They carry a full spectrum of options from long sleeve to short sleeved Ts, hooded tops, button down shirts (if you're feeling fancy and patient), polos (if you're a time poor mother like myself who likes a bit of formality but with only two buttons involved and fleece hooded sweaters that don't have ties that can get caught up and tangle.

I couldn't resist these two items from the 'hipper than your mum' designs that COK has been rocking this last couple of seasons.  And they were both at ridiculously reduced prices.

COK - Rolling Stones T - $10.
The Costco bulk buy fruit run involved a side trip to the central aisles, a region of Costco I rarely leave empty handed.  Yesterday was no exception.

You mean can't feel the visceral glamour of my shopping trolley radiating from your screen?  I've been searching for years for a Booney Hat.  This one looks virtually uncrushable and has a toggled chin strap.  It promises not to die like the straw hats I've previously owned have - slowly and crinklingly.  They're $18.99 from memory and I'm taking mine to Orlando.

Opinions may be divided on the Booney Hat but have you checked out the Havianas on sale at Costco right now?  Run, don't walk.  Don't even pause to shut the front door.  They're $11.99 a pair and come in both men's and women's sizes.  The women's selection was looking pretty sparse by the time I discovered it late on Sunday but the colours available are - gold, silver, brown, red, white, black, hot pink, deep blue and aqua.  I'll be curious to see if these last much longer than my $5 Cotton On pairs.

Necklace - Lovisa, sweater - Mix Apparel.

I'm still loving that $7 Lovisa necklace from Friday.  I think I need it in every colour it comes in.  May Lovisa extend their sale price accordingly.

It's been a crazy, crazy day at work today.  That unanticipated kind of crazy where your and your colleagues constantly exchange 'what the... ?!?!' looks as you struggle between laughing and working on your frown lines.  Ah well, we're on the home stretch and at least the sun is shining and the craziness involved us being evacuated for a bit out into some of that sun.  Yes, that was me clutching my half finished mug of 10am tea.


  1. Wait seriously they had Havs at Costco?
    I love that necklace and I saw it when I went shopping on Friday night. I didn't want to be a SAF (single asian female) on you. LOL

    1. The Co do have Havs!!

      We should do that SAF thing one day via blog posts. I'm thinking an Aldi purchase should be involved :-PPP

      SSG xxx

  2. I always leave my parking ticket in the caddy in between the front seats. Never lose it.
    (little life hack for you :P)

    i have those very same havianas, same size and all!


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