Sep 10, 2014

Hootella. Sour Cream Dip Ideas.

I reckon this week is going to be one of those rare ones with enough happy news headlines to please most people.  The week began with the Royal Baby announcement and today's breaking news is the big reveal of the iPhone 6, the iPhone 6 Plus and ...
From Ricky Gervais' Facebook feed this morning.
the first ever iPhone watch.  A watch?  I don't know.  I'm quite attached to old school technology on my wrist.  The second hand, date square and ever present clock face are all I need for work and I like that my timepiece is the one thing on my person each day that doesn't require charging every night.

I'm very tempted by the larger sized iPhone but was hoping that it would come with more memory than the current models but sadly, while there's been progress with camera quality and new additions like Apple Pay, $1200 for a smartphone is not going to buy you a terabyte of built in memory.  Which is a shame because I've been desperately trying to save memory on my current iPhone and it's been a cut throat business of deleting two of every three new photos I take.

It didn't quite make front page news or even get its own headline but something that caused even more excitement at SSG Manor was the release of presale tickets to the Giggle and Hoot and Friends live shows which will be kicking off on the east coast in December.  Pre sale opened at 10am today and closes 5pm Thursday before the general release on Friday.  The stress of trying to get pre sale tickets wasn't too far off what you'd experience for an adult music festival.  There was the customary crashing of the online ticket sellers, the failure of credit card payments being processed but then the relief that everyone you knew got tickets for the day and time they wanted. 

Now, what to wear and would a pre show meal be better than after?  The Sydney shows are being conveniently (for me) held in Chatswood.  The food and drink options are endless.  If you're going, what's your strategy for Hootella?

Current affairs aside, I'm loving this sun right now.

Cardi - Target, scarf - Liberty London, scarf ring - Mai Tai Collection.
Got out my limited edition Olympics in London silk scarf today to add a bit of colour and history to my outfit.

And whipped up another batch of summery French Onion dip in the office kitchen for lunch.  So much better then the processed fake stuff that passes for dip these days at the supermarket.  I take your point that French Onion soup mix is 110% synthetic and 200% unlikely to contain any actual onions but you forget all those facts when you mix it up with sour cream and a bit of lemon juice.  The dip tastes best when you allow it to refrigerate a while before serving but who has time for that at work?

The internet tells me that Taco seasoning mix works just as well in the two ingredient dip scenario (three if you count the lemon juice).  I'll be trying this next.  Salsa mixed in with the sour cream also works, so I'm told.  The possibilities are endless.

I lived it up yesterday afternoon in the way only a nearly forty part time working mother of one can.  Went straight from the gym to the cool drink unit at Coles and got one of the last mini cans of coke zero on offer.  Caffeine and aspartame after 4pm.  That's living life on the edge on a weekday.

Oh yes, and I got past the entrance of Ikea without a trolley and then decided to pick up one of those self assemble Mala easels (another older mum rite of passage) on my way out only to realise that despite all the upper body and chest work I do at the gym, I still can't carry large wooden objects more than 1 metre without getting sore shoulders.  Finding this trolley in an adjacent aisle was right up there with finding all those sour cream dip recipes on the internet in the happy moment stakes.

And that's it from me today.  Enjoy this sun!!!!


  1. Love the scarf.

    Looks beautiful on you.

  2. and I love french onion dip. One of the ladies at work makes a great one, it is as addictive as crack. She fashions it into a porcupine arrangement using carrot and celery sticks, plus a couple of olives for eyes and nose tip. Genius.

  3. Love that scarf with that cardi, such a nice colourful outfit :) I had to laugh at the giggle and hoot story - I'm sure I'll be there in a few years! :)

  4. I just checked out the new apple watch. It does have a setting to display a watch face with dial and second hand,or digital clock face.
    It's just over $300 Canadian, for the standard version. No word yet on how much the gold version will cost. I can see this being a huge seller, and converting the young people into watch wearers.


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