Sep 7, 2014

We Love You, Dad.

Dear Dad

Happy Father's Day.

I'm sitting at work waiting for it to be a reasonable hour in Perth before I give you a call.  I know you've got a busy day planned with mum and our Perth based family so I've got to time this call just so.

The words I have to thank you for your love and all that you have done for me never seem to be quite right or enough.  The gifts we give you never seem to be quite enough to express just how much we love you and your love for us.

What seems just right is to actually talk to you today, even if it can only be on the phone.  Hearing your voice makes everything well in the world both now and in the future.

Of all the things I could possibly thank  you for this year, it would be your leadership and support as a father.  You have been and continue to be the perfect person on which I can model my own parenting.



  1. That's nice. So lucky to have a Dad to thank. :Dxxx
    Good are at work....hope tomorrow's a day off!!!

  2. Great to have that strength to support you x


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