Oct 17, 2014

Friday Wrap Up.

And it's nearly a wrap for that last Friday afternoon at work before next week's leave.

A bit of archival silver T&Co to go with my Ralph Lauren navy cricket cardigan.

The casual Friday outfit was worn, the numerous loose ends tied and that out of office email has gone live.

I've had my last Friday dark chocolate skinny mocha from Oliver Brown and dusted off my Frequent Flyer card.  I'm going to live on the edge and not pre order my meal for the plane or even check in online.  Instead, I'm going to get that taxi to the airport and just go with the flow on Sunday.

I'm trying something new with holiday currency and taking most of it on a preloaded debit card.  Fingers crossed it all works.

Reading material wise, I've got work and non work related journals ready to go.  Yes, that is a 2 month old copy of InStyle and yes, it still hasn't been read.

I've found some books for my Kindle that I'm really looking forward to reading on the plane.

The Rosie Effect, the sequel to The Rosie Project, in which we discover that Rosie is pregnant and Don is an expert in all things obsetric.

And a bit of new Cathy Kelly, set in Paris.

Two more members of Toddler SSG's fan club landed in Sydney last night which also signifies the end of such indignations as being given wooden stirrers topped with cappucino froth because your mother forgot to order you a cappucino at the very busy poolside cafe.  My mum and aunty flew in from Perth yesterday and it's been one long party for Toddler SSG as he giggled and showed off to them from the moment they arrived after lunch until his later than usual bed time.

In amongst my mum's luggage were several boxes of pineapple tarts from Taiwan and cakes from Japan.  Toddler SSG has already established a firm favourite of the two kinds of pineapple tart on offer.   The circular cheesecake version isn't quite his thing.  He's more of a traditional buttery biscuit man himself.

And then there was the traditional afternoon bowl of Bhuja Mix my mum would share with Toddler SSG back in the day.  That was still popular yesterday.

I honestly don't know where all those snacks and the solid meals between them go in Toddler SSG's skinny little frame.  Though swimming is hard work.  Especially when you star in an underwater photo shoot half way through your swimming lesson.  We had several underwater photographers at our class yesterday trying to capture the toddlers in a (fully clothed) still like the famous Nevermind album cover of Nirvana's.  Toddler SSG did a Superman arm across his face on his first go but I think we got the money shot on the second.  

So, all that remains to be done is to get home, pack and have a few quiet moments walking around the quiet tree lined streets of home before getting on that plane Sunday for about a day, give or take a few time zones.

If I'm not back before I leave, do take care and have a lovely weekend.


  1. Have a fabulous trip. So beautiful to read about extended families helping others and loving nephews and grand-children. Xx
    Keep that laid back attitude. :D

  2. Dear SSG, have a wonderful time away. Fingers & toes crossed that debit card works. Den x

  3. Have a lovely time- your biological and Internet family will miss you xx

  4. Have a great trip! It's good your so organised so you can relax on the plane. I know you'll have a wonderful time! :)


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