Oct 11, 2014

Hashtags, Threading and the Miracle of Kiehl's.

Some hashtags never get old.

It's been a whole three days since #missonifortarget launched (give or take 24 hours for the online launch) and I'm still getting a kick out of searching for Instagram images bearing this particular mastige hashie.  I've been inspired by how planet Instragram have worked the range into their homes, how they've styled it on themselves and how adorable their little ones look in the junior range.

I've also realised, too late, that I should've tried a 16 in the girls' range of cardigans which were so much prettier than the women's range if truth be told.

Aspirational fitness at its best - the latest LJ magazine and a #missonifortarget pouch in my gym bag.  I did actually work out for a bit before styling this Instagram worthy moment at the lockers.

I've found new Insta buddies through shared ownership of various pieces from the range.

Marni via Lovisa meet Missoni via Target.

And mixed my high street finds with abandon.  


I was back stalking the range at my local Target today and thankfully there was absolutely nothing left in my size clothes or shoe wise.  I even left without a set of bangles that did fit but still weren't quite what I was hoping for (after a fourth viewing, what was I expecting to change, exactly?).

Which is just as well because the universe provided, as it often does, via a heavily reduced Lovisa necklace.

I managed to find this acrylic flower necklace in amongst some new stock in that Marni-esque style Lovisa do so well for their price point.  $12 down from $29.99.  I can see this necklace being on high rotation in my work wardrobe.  

The past and the future of my brows.  Goodbye Tweezerman and hello threading (spool of plain old white polyester thread for photographic representation only, I think professional threaders use a far more robust thread for their work).

Can we change tack and talk brows for a bit?  Good.  Because I've quite literally, been killing my brows with kindness over all of these years.  Tweezing, waxing, tinting, drawing in, setting with hairspray applied with an old toothbrush(!! blame YouTube).  You name it, my poor brows have probably undergone it.  The great irony, though, is that I knew that they looked kind of mismatched but then went into more is more mode which has only made things worse.

It all changed yesterday when I finally saw the light and got eyebrow threading done for the very first time.  I don't know why I didn't think of it earlier.  It did sting a little (not as much as the young man next to me might have implied when he mentioned that he 'just about died' the first time he got his done) but on a spectrum of banging your thigh on the edge of a sharp coffee table and trying to sort out your long service leave if you're a government employee, it was nothing compared to the coffee table.  A bit of a stinging snap really.  Very short lived at that.

What impressed me most was how precise the shaping and symmetry was.  Even after that first session, my brows definitely look more even with a good arch to them and even have more colour to them (in a less confronting way than brow tinting leaves them).  I've been advised to stop plucking between threading appointments (four to six weeks) and to apply castor oil over my brows to help encourage lush brow regrowth.  Might duck down to Coles when it cools down this evening to get that castor oil.  Because all that was involved was the single use thread and some antiseptic, I have had absolutely no skin reaction.  At $20 a session, it's cheaper than waxing and laser which seems to be getting rather cheap these days.  Just a bit scared about laser for some strange reason.

Just going back to the photo of random things I swear by to get me out the door looking presentable (because beauty routine would be a bit of an exaggeration).  That bottle of Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Concentrate  ($91 for 50ml) is a bona fide miracle worker.  It's got my skin feeling so soft and looking so smooth that the beautician was at a loss for things to suggest I use.  Which is a unique personal first for me.

This time next week, I'll be in packing panic.  Hopefully I'll have gotten my US dollars already and found my passport.  The plan is for my mum and aunty to be here distracting Toddler SSG as I get organised for the Sunday flight.  I swear I'm getting more and more disorganised with each successive work trip.  I mean I don't even have my shopping short list written down yet!

What I do have is this abstract tracing of Toddler SSG's feet in biro and mine in red Artline 70.  I was hoping to get perfect footprints from him so that I could buy him shoes for the next couple of years when I hit Orlando.  He was obsessed with the Artline so I used it to trace my foot first before hoping he'd play with it and stand still on the page so I could whip out the biro for his feet.  It was all too hard.  I'm just going to go off his current shoe size, I think.


  1. I found using one of these on my toddler is great, especially when buying shoes online http://www.clarks.com.au/toddler-fit-gauge-1.html#80=3974&142=3995 takes the guesswork and pain out of it.

  2. Generationally, I didn't participate in the great brow thinning of the 1990s and early 2000s, so I'm just happy to have fashion come round again:).

  3. Once you thread you will never look back!

  4. Yep, the brow thinning craze got me...once upon a time I had the most natural looking thicker brows (not quite Brooke Shields...) today not so.
    Don't smoke and never over pluck are my words of wisdom to whippersnappers.
    I went twice to Missoni and went nuts over the black and white pieces! Love them. Have to save for good though because my workplace is full of hazards that clothes get snagged on.
    Cute about the art line pens, I love how toddler SSG is always doing creative things. Xx

  5. I am wary about anyone other than an ophthalmologist wielding a laser near my eyeballs.
    I find waxing quicker and less painful than threading, but each to their own!
    C xx

  6. Love your blog! I agree on the #missonfortarget - i didn't get anything except shoes but I am still enjoying posts on instagram and twitter :)
    Your SSG Toddler is like my MsChikee Baby :)



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