Oct 13, 2014

Horizontal Rain. It's All About the Brows.

It actually rained through the car park at work this evening.

Horizontal sheets of rain just blew across and through all ten storeys of it drenching everything in its path.  Which worked well for my car because it was long overdue for a wash.  The rain fell with such force even my hubcaps got a pressure clean out of it.  But the one thing I'm most grateful for is that the roads seemed okay on my commute home and that there weren't any major accidents in my neck of the woods.  The storm was magnificent to look at from behind the windows of work but it was treacherous to be driving through.

Still on the theme of extreme driving conditions, guess what?  I officially completed my Toddler SSG's Top Gear sticker book today.  All 64 stickers are present and correct.  A special shout out goes to the cashier at my local servo for generously giving me a whole box of stickers this morning.  The odds were definitely in my favour for finding the six I needed to complete the collection.  I know, can you think of a more exciting way to spend your morning tea break than with a mug of Moccona and a carton of collectible stickers?  

On the off chance that you did do something even more exciting at morning tea this morning, please share. 

I'm still obsessed about my new look brows.  I forgot to get that castor oil for them from the supermarket at the weekend but the internet tells me that olive oil is another one of a total of 14 home remedies for thick eyebrows.  The list makes for an interesting read (onions?!?!) and I'm sure there's something on it that you've got around the house already.  Perhaps we could each try a different thing on the list and compare our results at the end of a six month trial?

But of course there was a bit of spendy makeup use to celebrate my new brows.  After years in hibernation, I got out my Chanel brow compact and found it a joy to use now that my brows have an actual shape to them.  I don't know if Chanel still make this particular kit of brow powders and tools (tweezers and two brushes) but it's worth the dollars if you can track it down.  The monogrammed tweezers are one of those luxe beauty tools you buy just to gaze at but the brow powders themselves mix to a shade that'll flatter everyone.  The bristles on the mini brushes are firm enough to deposit colour evenly and sparingly through your brows and nowhere else by mistake.

Toddler SSG's stamp of approval on his Ikea rug.  I've run the Dyson over it a few times but that footprint is there to stay in all its Chanel glory.

After all that struggle with Toddler SSG to get those tracings of his feet on Saturday, I finally got this perfect foot print on Sunday.  It's a Chanel (of course) eyeshadow he shattered after cracking the lid off a Dior quad.  It was a pretty expensive weekend of sensory play.  Taking the glass half full approach, I reckon I've now got more than enough reason to finally get on that Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow palette train.  It's on my newly drafted Orlando shopping list.  The one that can only be actioned after I sort out the dramas with the chip in the new credit card my bank sent me after my original one was 'under threat' of fraud.  Don't think there'll be enough time to get a new one before I fly this coming weekend.  I'll have to see what I can do on my day off this Thursday.


  1. Ooh, would love to hear what other things you have on your shopping list!

  2. Lots of love to you and your fabulous brows xx


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