Oct 31, 2014

The Jewel Collective. Scones For the Weekend.....

It's humbling to think that though the internet is often portrayed as the agent of ruin for modern civilization, for me, the internet has been an agent that has brought more good than bad into my life.  Through this blog and online life in general, I've made friendships that would otherwise not have been possible if chance meeting in real life was the only other way these precious bonds could be formed.  

So it was with great excitement that I opened a recent email from Sian (one of my first and dearest friends I made through blogging) announcing the forthcoming debut of her online jewelry store, The Jewel Collective.

The email then morphed into this beautiful parcel that finally made it to my house (after a brief detour to Broken Hill) yesterday.


The Jewel Collective is the culmination of Sian's dream of creating an online destination for beautifully designed and hand crafted jewellery with an emphasis on providing quality and luxury at an affordable price point.  The Jewel Collective's design aesthetic is just my cup of tea ( which ties in nicely with these Limoge inspired promotional images of the collection that Sian sent me).  Classic, timeless and stylish pieces crafted from natural materials and gems with a bit of an edge to make them truly original.  Oh, and at a very reasonable price point.

Sian's first collection for The Jewel Collective drew upon her own experience of what worked for her when going about establishing her own jewellery collection over the years.  Each piece is something she would wear, love and cherish.  This is balanced with the practical needs of the modern, style conscious woman who needs something on her jewellery stand that isn't straight up costume or something that needs its own personal security every time it is worn.  Personally, from what I've seen of the first pieces from The Jewel Collective, Sian knows her target client base like a best friend and I kind of want everything I've seen so far.  Launch day is Tuesday November 4, 2014.

Prices range from $115 for earrings up to $3500 for a "one of a kind" strand of hand selected Tahitian pearls.  Stones featured in the range are a mix of precious and semi-precious - sapphires, garnets, agate, citrines and pearls of many varieties.  Metals used are sterling silver and high quality gold vermeil.  Piece in the range will be earrings, necklaces and bracelets.

One of the first things I noticed when I opened my preview from The Jewel Collective was the packaging.  It's gorgeous.  The aim here was to enable customers to enjoy The Jewel Collective experience long after the rush of clicking add to basket online and then signing for the parcel at the front door.  The box is sturdy and beautiful enough to live on a dresser or bedside table (coincidentally, where mine is right now, providing Toddler SSG hasn't gotten his hands on it).  The presentation pouch in which your piece will be shipped is a great size for travel and is generously sized to allow extra space for any other pieces you may wish to take with you on a brief trip away.

But onto the jewels themselves.  Sian sent me a pair of Andromeda earrings ($125).
Andromeda earrings - $125.
They are made from rose gold vermeil (rose gold plate over sterling silver) and pink sapphires.  For those of us with skin allergies, the posts are made from the same vermeil and contain no brass, nickel or stainless steel.   These earrings are the first I've owned made from rose gold and they'll be on high rotation in my wardrobe to liven up my work outfits with just enough sparkle and edge.

Andromeda necklace - $275.

Also available online with the launch will be the matching necklace ($275) and bracelet ($155).
Andromeda bracelet - $155.
The entire first collection will be available to view online from November 2 at The Jewel Collective's website.  Regular shipping within Australia will be free through November and I'm pretty sure Sian will be shipping outside of Australia.  You can also join the collective on Instagram (@jewelcollective) or on Facebook.

Home made, store bought scones.

I'll be putting together my order this weekend over a very civilized snack of tea and scones.  These home made date scones were for sale at a stall at work this morning and they were selling fast.

God bless you, Pat for making date scones that contain only ingredients I would use if I were to make a batch at home.  No numbers or compounds with unpronounceable names.

And on that note, have a lovely weekend.

Might even see you browising online at The Jewel Collective....


  1. Oh those are such pretty little earrings! Good luck to your friend with her new venture! She has some really nice pieces available :)

    Away From The Blue

  2. Oh my god.. i love that limoge promo shoot! It's beautiful.. it really is gorgeous.
    And I'm off to go look at some earrings!

  3. Can never go wrong with a gorgeous fire engine red toaster! My mum actually bought me a matching red toaster and kettle set which I still haven't used yet! Maybe it's time to crack it open :)


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