Nov 7, 2014

Good Things. Birkis With Boyfriends.

Hello, Friday and thank you for coming back.

Personally, I'd like to spend a little part of you deep breathing and reflecting on all the good things that have happened since last you visited.  Besides the glorious sun, blue skies and weather we're having in Sydney right now.  That's a given.

Shirt - Ralph Lauren, peg leg jeans - J Crew, shoes - Rockport.

Like being able to both stand and walk the morning after a lethal glutes and quads session at the gym.  Who knew that working with your body weight could hurt more than external weights like kettle balls and dumb bells?  And why do we all insist on training muscles we never even knew we had?

Thank you Brooks Brothers 346 for your non-iron shirts.  They're so good I reckon you could rename them no-iron.

And the miracle of non iron shirts that fall out of your suitcase crease free.  I whipped out a black shirt I bought at the outlets in Orlando in May and it came off the hanger ready to wear.

Good mail days are one of those happy byproducts of online shopping.  I was at The Jewel Collective (in a virtual way in my PJs with my specs on) Sunday evening...

and look who arrived on Wednesday?  My Charis sterling silver and sapphire earrings. These sparkling bows provide just enough whimsy to my earlobes to keep me in touch with the metallic trend for the coming season.

Metal plate point flat by The Mode Collective, $249 at (image from the website).

Because as much as I love the look of the shine that's taking over footwear right now, my grumpy old soles are too set in their ways to embrace the change.

So I've been giving my old favourites a little TLC.

A bit of whitener here,

and a re-heel at the cobbler's over there.

I dropped off the last of the bits of my wardrobe that needed some work done on them yesterday.  Trousers to be hemmed and the last pairs of shoes to be reheeled.  There was even time for a coffee afterwards.  I always feel that I've been that much more productive when I'm able to fan out the day's receipts and tickets under my cup of coffee.

Toddler SSG loving his drinking straw and wearing a T from Emerson Junior.

Toddler SSG was in form at dinner last night.  The straw provided with his drink made him feel so special he actually sat in is high chair right through dinner.  His special order of chicken pad see ew may also have had something to do with it.  

Here's what I wore.  The picture was taken in Orlando but rest assured it was a case of same outfit, different city.  I know, Birkenstocks and boyfriend jeans.  Did you know that they're an actual thing?

Miranda Kerr from Pinterest.

Miranda herself has deemed it so.  Apparently, Pinterest is full of love for Birkis with boyfriends, which is where I found this photo.

I love my pair of boyfriend jeans for so many reasons.  I found them in Orlando on the sale rack at GAP.  They were around half price according to some quick maths comparing the red tag to the original sale price.  And then there was an  additional 30% off the sale price.  And then I realised that the size that actually fitted me represented extreme vanity sizing.  So of course I had to buy them.  A

But back to dinner.  How good is it that my local Thai incorporates quinoa into its stirfries and also offers it as a rice alternative?  It's as inspired as Birkis and boyfriends.


  1. Your dinner looks so good! :) I wish I could wear boyfriend jeans - maybe it's just because I'm petite, but they never seem to look good on me. I do have a bit of a bias towards skinny jeans in my wardrobe that would cloud my judgement against me trying other styles though I guess, haha!

    Hope you have a wonderful end to the work-week!

  2. Living in my Birks and boyfriends. Hard to be more comfortable without succumbing to the flannel PJs and bare feet;).

  3. Loving the Quinoa! And you look fab in the boyfriend jeans. They just don't suit me, what with thighs of doom!

    I'm glad you love your Charis earrings - I love wearing mine. I hope you are getting lots of use from them!

    K xx


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