Nov 19, 2014

The Christmas Countdown Begins.

You can run but you can't hide.  Christmas is a mere 35 days away.  That's five weeks.  I'm trying not to labour the point but gee, hasn't the year gone by at lightening speed?

The most unlikely grocery staples have gone festive since the start of November.

Mariah Carey's definitive cover of 'All I Want For Christmas' has now had it's official yuletide debut for season 2014 on easy listening radio.  Which gives me licence to embed it into this post and play it repeatedly to myself as I type.

Do you have a Christmas cover version that will forever say Christmas to you the moment you hear it in the middle of November?

Wedgwood blue 2014 Carol Singer Christmas ornament, $47.95 from David Jones.

I've begun making key purchases this week.  The first was one of Wedgwood's 2014 Christmas ornaments from David Jones.  Setting up an actual tree this year is going to only end in tears, tantrums and a trail of ruin so I've decided to buy something to put away for that year in the not too distant future where we will have a tree up for Christmas.  I bought a blue carousel for Toddler SSG last year and reckon I'll be continuing the blue theme until he hits 21 when I'll then give him the whole set for his own tree.  I couldn't find the carousel online this year otherwise I'd link you up to it if you were planning to buy one for a First Christmas-er in your life.  

I used click and collect for my purchase and it was impressively quick.  I ordered Friday afternoon and it was in my preferred store Saturday morning.  Currently, DJs have their entire range of Wedgwood Christmas decorations at around 20% off RRP.  This bauble ended up costing $47.95.

Today's Special Buys at Aldi have provided the bulk of Toddler SSG's Christmas gift haul.  A toy piano ($39.99), a set of Caterpillar trucks ($16.99), a sink and dishwasher play set ($39.99) and a toaster and kettle set that look remarkably similar to the real deal in our kitchen ($19.99) should keep him amused for a while. 

While fancy Christmas keepsakes are all well and good for adults, for the little ones, it will mostly be about the presents (or their wrapping paper) and being the centre of attention at Christmas lunch.  Today's trip to Aldi yielded an impressive array of toys to start off my stash of things for Toddler SSG.  I'm trying to not be too gender stereotype specific.  After all, we all need to know our way around both a kitchen and a car.  

As for the piano?  I'm hoping he'll have a better ear and sense of rhythm than I. I'll be curious to see how he will take to it, actually.  His favourite television programs often feature someone on a keyboard so I wonder if he'll be able to copy what he's seen.

I still have no idea what will be on the table for Christmas lunch but at least I've got toddler tableware.  I found this set at Coles for $4.90 on the weekend.

Coles were also selling these Peace, Love and Joy decorating blocks.  I've put them on my desk at work as a focal point for a desk top Christmas arrangement I'm still workshopping in my head.  I'm trying to remember where we put last year's decorations.  We need to put those starry lights up again this year.  It was so lovely walking into the office first thing in the morning and seeing the lights twinkle as we opened the door for the day.

Sorry.  Too much Christmas in a late November post.  What else have I been doing?

I colour co-ordinated my snack pack of Arnotts Shapes with my outfit yesterday.  It's been so long since I've eaten a packet of Shapes.  Cheese and Bacon is my favourite at the moment.  But Barbecue comes a close second.  It's just as well I love a green frock too because I can dress to match my next packet of Shapes which is going to be Barbecue according to the luck of the draw in my multi pack.

Barely a day, week or month goes by without it being recognized as some kind of awareness day for mostly very worthwhile causes.  I'm going to put this out there and suggest we may November 19 Clean Your Makeup Brushes day.  I finally did mine this morning and I shamefully cannot remember the last time I did.  

How about you?  Cleaned your makeup brushes lately?

That's about it from me.  The day is winding down nicely and it's my day off tomorrow.  And the toddler and I have a day of adventures and new experiences planned.


  1. I totally played Christmas songs on youtube... love the Mariah!!
    Also check out Mariah and Buble duet. Gosh girlfriend still got it.

  2. I love your brush cleaner! I do give mind a good suds up every know and then. Don't they feel SOOOO much better. Keep the Christmas lead-up coming. Xxx

  3. Everyone should colour coordinate their outfit with their snack! Christmas is far too close for my liking, I wonder how long I can ignore it for? xT

  4. Loving all this Christmas posts & that Wedgwood ornament looks lovely

  5. Ah, no I need to clean my makeup brushes! I keep thinking it...and never getting around to it. it's so hot here in Brisbane they'd dry in minutes! Much better than that time I dried them late one winter night and found them still all damp and yucky in the morning...haha!

    Your post is a reminder to me to get a wiggle on with Christmas things too, can't believe how quickly time is flying by!


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