Nov 3, 2014

The New Toaster. Merryteasers Have Arrived.

It hasn't been the greatest time to be a toaster at SSG Manor.  In the last fortnight, we've seen the sandwich press die suddenly and then its replacement, a $10 Kmart cheapie (that lasted perfectly well for two years at work) plunged to its painful end when Toddler SSG gave it a gently nudge off the edge of the kitchen bench.

Two slice DeLonghi toaster, $79.99 from Costco.

All of which paved the way for this fire engine red DeLonghi to find its new home at our place.  Fortunately, Costco was out of the four slice version in red otherwise we would've been trying to make room on our already crowded kitchen bench for one of those.  Toast is one of those foods in our house that's an all or nothing food.  And when everyone wants toast, they want it five minutes ago.  Which is why the four slicer would've been nice in theory but there's no way it would have enough room to park on our benchtop.

So far, the new toaster is settling in well at home and is being loved by us all.  It's a solid make and would put up a good fight against Toddler SSG's quick little hands.  Its buttons and knobs are easy to handle and it has a dial for you to select your degree of toastedness.  I like my toast done at 3 1/2, precisely.

And voila, even toned, perfectly golden toast that's a bit fluffy in the middle.  All the better for eating my special sardine in tomato sauce, red onion, cheddar cheese and salad green sandwich between.  It's a combination that tastes like cheese and onion potato crisps, only better and marginally healthier.

My favourite brand of sardines for this sandwich extravaganza?  Brunswick hands down.

As often happens (even when I've just returned from overseas and am supposedly on a shopping ban) when I go to Costco with a list of groceries and essential appliances on my shopping list, my trolley mysteriously filled up with quite a few things that weren't on the list.  Like $24.99 Nike Pro training tank tops and $8.99 Flojos flip flops.  Not to mention a pair of khaki Gloria Vanderbilt chino mom shorts $20.99).  I'll be straight with you.  I bought them because they're one of the few pairs of shorts I've seen this season that finish closer the my knees than groin.  They also have a stretch, ribbed waistband.  But don't worry, you can't tell once you've accessorized with a belt.  Okay.  They are mom shorts.  But at least when I wear them I'll never risk being accused of wearing my underwear as outerwear.

One of my most favourite November foods are cherries.  And I enjoyed my first fistful on Sunday after that very productive Costco expedition.

Wasn't the weather glorious in Sydney on Sunday?  Beautiful blue skies and just enough warmth in the sun.  Made trotting home from my laps with pool hair feel like I was on holiday.  Which I was kind of on this time last week.

Such a contrast to the extreme weather conditions on Saturday.  Scorching early morning heat, forbidding skies and then bang - thunder and pelting rain.  We did need that rain, though.

I think I've made my peace with Christmas decorations and food already being at the shops.  The cheer is rubbing off on me and I'm looking forward to the tinsel, wrapping paper and baking with a soundtrack of my golden oldies Christmas albums for good measure.

Not sure what I'll be doing for food on Christmas Day, but here's a look at how we will be drinking the champagne.  With lychees and raspberries thanks to Donna Hay and her team at the magazine.

Guess who's making their Christmas debut this year?  I found these Merryteaser reindeer at my local Caltex this morning and bought them as a reward for doing the petrol and the tyres today.  I'm not eating them just yet.  They're officially my first desk top Christmas decorations of 2014.


  1. I have to go look out some of those malteser snacks..yum! :)

    Can't believe your crazy weather though! We had summer temps last week, horrible heat! Just waiting for the storm and rain they promised us...would be a welcome change! :)

    1. The weather is still very much in crazy town here, unfortunately, M!

      SSG xxx

  2. That is one good looking toaster. Cherry season is the best, it always makes me think of Christmas.

    1. The cherry season is always too short, in my opinion, Maria!

      SSG xxx

  3. I am with you on the shorts.
    I am with you on the toast
    And am gonna have to try that sammich filling xx

  4. I never thought I'd be so interested in a post about sliced bread.....but I was!!! I love that sanger filling, too. And, I saw those reindeer choc teasers and thought they looked good! Donna Hay is an inspiration. I'm going back to my 2013 Gourmet Traveller for more inspiration. Xx

  5. Those Kmart cheapies have never lasted more than a day in my house. Costco find looks like a bargain. Have never been to Costco- one's opened down north of Brisbane (about an hours drive), but am waiting for one to be built closer. Am excited it's cherry season, and mango season- have had my first two mangos this week :)

  6. Ah! So SSG, I have a question and my question is this: on a scale of 1-10, is my need for a Costco membership [due to open here in Adelaide (not five minutes drive from me, argh!) in a fortnight] an 11 or 12?

  7. Guess what.. it is COLD here again. Anyway I am loving the new toaster. I also loved that you bought it from Costco and I am still amazed that you can shop at Costco. I think that I have given up as it is quite far and I end up overspending and hoarding a ton of stuff. :( Hope to join the Costco members rank again though. I still have this fascination with hoarding a lot of food.


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